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  • Job or baby

    Career Woman

    Job or baby … you choose

    Do women have to choose between a job or a baby? A recent study by the Human Rights Commission has shown that “Almost 50 per cent of mothers have...

  • Oprah Winfrey

    Women In Business

    Bounce back from being fired

    Being fired is not the end of the world Oprah Winfrey, J.K. Rowling, Anna Wintour, Sallie Krawcheck, Lady Gaga and Kathryn Minshew. What do all these women have in...

  • A male boss

    Business of Men

    Why women prefer a male boss

    The male manager is favoured by everybody, but why do women prefer a male boss? Hit comedy The Office had us all cringing in recognition of the traits of bosses we’ve...

  • Woman graduate

    Women In Business

    Degrees but not enough Jobs

    Are there not enough jobs for business women? After finishing a degree costing up to $30,000, you would imagine a graduate would easily be able to find a job....

  • Mother and baby in dining room with laptop smiling

    Career Woman

    Why women are not supposed to have it all

    We all know the stereotype that women are not supposed to have it all. The loving wife is accepted as going hand in hand with the caring stay-at-home mother. But...

  • Emma Gilmour


    Emma Gilmour shows the need for speed

    The engines rev loudly, exhaust fumes cloud the air, and the fans are keyed-up for a kick of adrenaline. As the flag is waved, the cars race off in a jousting blur. And among...

  • Learn to Say No

    Women In Business

    Learn how to say no

    There is power in learning to say no, and there is skill in learning how to say no. The word ‘no’ is one of the most feared in the...

  • HiliaryClinton

    Confident Leader

    The female boss is angry, shrill and pushy

    It’s common knowledge that there aren’t many female leaders in business in comparison to men. But it seems there are many perjorative terms to describe the small ratio of...

  • Flashlight


    Light powered by body heat

    We are all guilty of walking out of a room and leaving the light left on. And we feel guilty because of the cost of the light, both on...