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  • Business tips to get you through the tough times

    Boss Lady

    Business tips to get you through the tough times

    Managing a small business is hard — and probably even harder right now.  On top of all the things you are juggling in your personal life, you also have...

  • Boss Lady

    3 Ways to build a better website

    In this digital world, the website of a business is just like their storefront. And if it is not up to the mark or more comfortable for the users...

  • Career Woman

    Could economics be a career path for you?

    An economist, just like it sounds, works in the field of economics. They study consumption, production, the distribution of services, goods and resources for a specific society. This role...

  • Promoted women are more likely to divorce

    Career Woman

    Promoted women are more likely to divorce

    Times have changed and continue to change, and in modern times, women are beginning to enjoy more opportunities that were previously non-existent. The dream of most women is to...

  • 3 Ways to incorporate digital and reality in your marketing

    Boss Lady

    3 Ways to incorporate digital and reality in your marketing

    Any business, in terms of its content marketing or promotional tactics, is about ensuring that it has the right mix. We can certainly rely a lot on our digital...

  • Boss Lady

    The importance of personal brand

    Working in the PR space, I need to have a personal brand as its relationships that help grow my business.  Whether or not you are in PR or a...

  • Boss Lady

    6 Tips to improve your content marketing strategy

    If you are completing any type of content marketing like social media, eBooks, blogging, etc. You will have a content marketing strategy. It might not be an official strategy...

  • Career Woman

    Do these things on your first day of work

    Your first day at work’s surely something inexplicable for some. For others, it’s just filled with a lot of stress and pressure to perform. But there’s an inner desire...

  • Boss Lady

    How tech is improving conference calling

    With remote work becoming the norm for the way we do business as the coronavirus spreads, conference calling is essential to efficient and effective communication. Useful as they are,...

  • Career Woman

    Could becoming a courier be the right career choice for you?

    Becoming a courier can seem daunting at first, as the contracts and flexibility surrounding work hours can be difficult to navigate. But with many making the switch to this...

  • Confidence

    Dealing with the coronavirus work isolation

    It’s a Friday evening and in my area, there are multiple cases of Coronavirus.  It’s been declared a local and statewide emergency.  If anyone sneezes, coughs or even clears...

  • Career Woman

    How to say yes to your hustle, and no to your friends

    Waking up each morning to a tsunami of notifications, emails, and people demanding your attention is tiring. Especially when you’re working a side hustle, a full-time job and maintaining...