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#1 habit to protect your business


If you want to move your business forward with confidence, set up strong security habits. One tool that can help is NordLocker. It lets you easily encrypt files on Windows and Mac computers. Plus, you can download NordLocker for free. 

Moving forward is good. Scratch that, it’s fantastic. Especially if you’ve been feeling down and haven’t been seeing the results you’ve wanted. Every entrepreneur has moments when nothing seems to be working. That’s why gaining some momentum on your business can feel so euphoric.

Luckily, achieving this state is reasonably easy.  If you implement the right business habits to check how your business is progressing, you’ll spend much less time putting out fires. Which also means more time for things that matter? While there’s a lot you can do, we’ll focus on one specific type of habits — data security. Because building security habits will prevent you from getting caught off guard.

#1 security habit – regular data encryption

You’re most likely storing your data on one of the big tech’s servers. But guess what would happen in the event of a security breach? You know Google and Amazon will be fine. People say these companies are too big to fail, and they’re probably right. You, on the other hand, might not be fine. If Google’s server vulnerabilities expose you and your clients’ data, it will be you who will be forced to soak up all the reputation blows.

That’s why the first and most important security habit you can develop is to do regular checks of your data and encrypt everything before you upload files to the cloud. Software like NordLocker is perfect for that. When you start, you get 5 GB of free encryption. No risk there. Plus, there’s no learning curve. Drag and drop files, and the program will encrypt them in an instant. NordLocker is suitable for sharing as well. You can select which files and folders to share by adding an email address of the recipient.

The bottom line is this. When you encrypt your data, no one without your permission can access it. Not Google, not hackers, not the government (within reason, of course). Could you imagine spending your entire marketing budget just to find out your customer data has been exposed? Encryption has your back, so you can move forward.

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