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10 Great sales promotion ideas for your business


Everyone loves winning something, being given something for free, or feeling like they saved a bit of money in a sale. Being on the other side of those promotions can be just as exciting for any business.

Promotions aren’t just about helping people feel good or giving them a sense of accomplishment, they’re more about being able to grow your business through creative ways.

Below, we’ve compiled a few great sales promotion ideas to help bring in some new customers while helping retain your current customer base.

Run a referral program

We all know it’s more expensive to try and bring in new customers as compared to retaining your current ones. Of course you want to grow your customer base, but more of your effort should be on maintaining high customer satisfaction and retention.

Why not try and do both with a referral program? Have a current customer invite three friends to business and give them something so everyone wins. It’s a way to keep your current customers happy while bringing in some new ones gradually.

Loyalty program

Once again, we’re going to hit on the idea of retaining your current customers. One great way to do that is by rewarding them for their consistent loyalty. If they’ve been using your service or buying products for quite some time, offer them a discount on their next purchase.

If you’re running an online store, tell them they’ve qualified for free shipping on their next purchase. It doesn’t always have to be something big as small gestures can go a long way.

Run a flash sale

“Hurry, we have to get to X store because the sale ends today!” is what you want your customers to be saying. Run a flash sale on your website or at your store to provide a sense of urgency with customers.

If you’re a local small business, tie the flash sale to an activity in town, like back to school or the county fair.

Give out samples

Before you ever discovered you had your favorite ice cream flavor, you asked to sample it with a tiny spoon in the ice cream shop. For that reason, you should be offering samples or giving away some free items to customers.

This could go great with a store opening or the release of a new product.

Personalize your coupons

If you’ve got an email list, then it’s time to get personal. You won’t be able to add this little touch when it comes to direct mailing, but emails addressed to someone’s name are much more likely to be opened.

The coupon can be anything you want, but the important part is sending them something they can use soon.

Free trials

Similar to samples, free trials are more for online services. It will let potential customers become more acquainted with your service or product and encourage them to sign up down the road.

If they complete the trial, offer them a slight discount the first time they make a purchase or sign up.

Social media giveaway

We all know that social media is an incredibly powerful marketing tool, and you can use your platform to host a giveaway. Simply select a service or product you want to promote and have your followers comment, like, share, or tag their friends to be entered.

You can do a drawing in order to select the winner!

Bundle products

If you’re finding that people are often purchasing certain products together, why not bundle them up and throw in a discount as well? Or, you could put a product that isn’t selling as well with one of your more popular products.

Either way, it’s a chance for people to save a little bit of money and getting more value out of their dollar.


Releasing a new product? Offer a discount for those that bring in the older version of that product. Or, you could offer a discount if someone brings in a competitor’s product.

It’s a way to gain additional customers while also boosting customer loyalty with your existing ones.

Run a bizarre promotion

While all of these are great ideas, you could completely turn the tables and run a promotion that’s so bizarre it will attract people just for curiosity’s sake.


Say everything that’s yellow in your store is 10% off or those with four-letter first names get a free item with any purchase. It will definitely spark interest!

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