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The 10 Personality traits you need to start a business


We are not all created from the same blueprint, which is why there are successful and unsuccessful entrepreneurs out there. The truth is obvious – not everyone is born to be successful. But, if you want to be one of those who are, there are certain things that must be learned.

Luck is simply not enough when starting a new business. In order to make sure you have what it takes to build a successful company, you must possess the following personality traits:

1. Discipline

A successful entrepreneur is focused on the business and the goals. They do not allow for any distractions or hindrances to harm the business. Instead, they have a plan A and a plan B, and as many plans as necessary to accomplish the strategies.

Most importantly, you must not skip steps in building a successful business. Being disciplined means that you are careful enough not to be irresponsible, and can pay attention to figures and details. You can test your skills with this by taking SHL practice tests.

2. High Level of Confidence

In order to achieve something, you must believe you are worthy of it. Starting a new business can be challenging, but you must possess the trait of confidence to progress.

An entrepreneur that possesses a high level of confidence can get the job done. They will fight the biggest challenges and will not let stressful conditions ruin their strategy.

If you are confident you will succeed, you can focus on the challenge instead of the barriers.

3. Flexibility

As a new business owner, you must understand that in the world of business, everything is an opportunity. You may find some situations more promising and important than others, but you should never forget to be open-minded. Without hearing others’ ideas and perspectives, you can never find the best way to achieve a goal.

4. Bravery

If you take a look at the most successful entrepreneurs in the world, you will find that all of them took risks to get where they are. This is a proof that you must never be afraid to take a risk in the world of business.

Take for example the story of Bill Gates dropping out of college. This person took his chances and made a risky decision to drop education in order to create Microsoft. And as you know already, it turned out to be the best decision in his life.

We do not say that education is not important, but you should always evaluate the risks and if you think they are worth the sacrifice, be brave enough to take them.

5. Competitive

To be best at a job, you simply must KNOW that you can do it better than others can. It is similar to winning in sports – players must be motivated to believe they can win in order to play their best.

6. Determination

No good entrepreneur becomes thwarted by a loss or defeat. If you want to bring your business to a level of success, you must see failure as another opportunity for success.

Become more determined to succeed. Otherwise, you will fail in making your business successful even before you begin implementing your strategies.

7. Creativity

Being creative means being open-minded, too. If you want to find ways to succeed even when this seems impossible, you must be creative enough to make connections between situations and events that appear unrelated.

Learn how to repurpose your company’s products, find a new industry to market them on or start thinking of a new way to promote them. Creativity has no limits and most importantly, it can save your company from failing.

8. Work ethic

In the world of business, the boss should not be the one who sits and waits for others to finish the job. A good entrepreneur will make an example for others and make sure that the outcome is visible at all times.

Take baby steps. Start by arriving at the office first and leaving last. Check how the job progresses often and implement a strong, yet reasonable work ethic in the workplace.

9. People skills

No one can succeed alone. If you want the business to grow, you should have strong communication skills. These will help you sell the product, but also make sure that people who work on it are motivated enough to make this happen.

10. Passion

The last but not least – be passionate. If you want your work to bring money, you have to love it. To keep yourself motivated in rough patches, you have to love it. And most importantly – to go through all those extra hours and stress without giving up, you have to love the job.

Successful business owners start at the bottom and reach the top of the ladder. Once you start climbing, motivation will just keep pushing you upwards. However, you may never leave any of these traits behind.

About Laura Buckler

Laura Buckler is a content writer and successful owner of small coffee bar with her husband. She runs family business and writes content on the side, saying that 'these are two of the three biggest loves in his life'. The third one is of course, her little girl.

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