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10 ways to make 2015 Fierce and Fearless


Ok this is YOUR year. It is time to dust off the past and be fierce and fearless. No more doubting, no more second guessing…it is game on.

1. Wear heels

Trust me, you will own the room, the meeting and it’s an instant fix of woman power.

2. Dress up all the time

Stop leaving the house in your daggy pants with your hair looking crap. Put in the effort! It will make you feel amazing and people will treat you based on how they perceive you treat yourself.

A hint: dress as if you’re going to meet your worst enemy.

3. Get facials/massages

Treat yourself regularly with facials and massages. Spend the money you would normally blow on alcohol or junk snacks by instead investing in yourself and relaxing at the same time.

4. Exercise

Why? Because cause it makes you look good and feel even better. Yep. Stop telling everyone you are “going to do it” and JUST DO IT! Find a motivator if you need to, but get started. Let exercise be a stress release and reward for being awesome. Stop seeing it as a punishment. You want to look good? Do something about it and quit whinging.

5. Say No more often

Say no to bad foods. To bad people. To bad business deals. To bad environments. To bad relationships. To bad decisions. No no no no.

6. Stop doubting yourself

Yes you CAN be anything you want to be. Dream big and then be willing to work your butt off to get that dream. Cut out all the crap you think you need to fill your life with and focus on everything that will lead you to your goals. Don’t let others bring you down. They DO NOT want you to succeed. Yep, that’s a reality.

7. Take risks

Once you stop doubting yourself you will get hooked on taking risks. It’s the only way to break free from the norm and make a break for an awesome life, career and business. Once you come to terms with the worst case scenario, you can face anything.

8. Face your fears

Write down the list of fears and face them. This is your year of being fearless. Whatever it is, it will only stop you from reaching your goals. Screw that. You are powerful and talented. Go for gold.

9. Get rid of toxic relationships

Friends, family, partners. If they leave you feeling drained and questioning your value… DUMP THEM.

10. Take responsibility for your happiness

It’s time to stop waiting for someone or something to make you happy. Regardless of your circumstances, it’s your call how you decide to response to situations and life.

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