11 affordable merch ideas for the entertainment industry


This guide outlines 11 affordable merch ideas that also work well in the entertainment industry.

You know that you want to sell programs, t-shirts and maybe CDs or vinyl records at your merch table, but you’re not sure what actual merch ideas will fall within your budget. You might be surprised to learn that there are multiple affordable concert merch options for dance groups or bands of every size, even if you’re just getting started out on your local scene.

11 affordable merch ideas

Here are 11 merch ideas for promotional products to consider adding to your concert merch table for marketing your brand.


Stickers are not only one of the most popular merch ideas, but they’re also super cheap to make, so we definitely recommend making this your no. 1 priority for merch.

If you can afford it, it’s usually best to offer several different designs and to have at least one large and one small sticker for sale so people can put them on their laptops, water bottles, and more. High-quality vinyl stickers will cost a little more, but they look nicer and are water resistant, so most fans are happy to pay a little extra for them.

Cell Phone Card Holder

Nobody likes having to haul a bulky wallet or an entire purse to a concert when all they need is an ID, a credit or debit card, and some cash. That’s why it’s an awesome merch idea to sell a phone card holder branded with your logo. These low-profile holders attach directly to the back of a cell phone case and hold all the essentials your fans need for a night of concert going.


The photodome button is one of the classic concert merch ideas for a reason: It’s got a timeless design, it’s cheap to make, and it can be added and removed to any item of clothing as needed. If you are all set on stickers and looking to diversify your merch table, then you definitely can’t go wrong with a photo or graphic button.

Enamel Pins

If you love the idea of a pin but want something a little bit nicer than a photodome button for marketing your brand, definitely check out enamel pins, which are all the rage in merch ideas right now.

Many people collect enamel pins, making them a hot item at the merch table. While they cost more to make than the photodome buttons, fans are willing to pay more for them, so it all evens out in the end.


Another merch ideass classic is an embroidered patch that can be added to a jacket, hat, or another item of clothing. Similar to the enamel pins, they are a bit more involved when it comes to the design and manufacturing process, which means a slightly higher price than stickers or other simple merch.

However, since so many fans collect patches to put on their jackets, many bands find it worth it to add a patch design to their merch table.


Posters are another quintessential merch table item, and one that you should definitely stock up on if at all possible. While posters themselves are cheap to make (and to sell), it’s definitely worth it to invest in a great artist if no one in the band is particularly handy at graphic design. You only need one awesome print to get started, though doing limited edition runs of unique artwork will help to increase demand and move more units.


T-shirts aren’t the most affordable type of concert merch, but they’re also not outrageously expensive either. They’re also one of the most popular sellers, which makes up for the slightly higher up-front costs. If you haven’t sold apparel before, choose a unisex t-shirt in a wide range of sizes so that you don’t have to order men’s and women’s fits until you know that they will sell. We recommend choosing a soft, comfortable fabric so that the shirt will quickly become your fans’ new favorite outfit.


If you’ve already proved that apparel sells well for your band, hats of different styles are a great way to expand your options. A classic ball cap has more of a vintage feel, while a beanie gives off more cozy hipster vibes. You can get them embroidered with one of your patch designs, or iron on the patches yourself if you are going more of a DIY route for your merch.

Guitar Picks

Guitar picks are another popular and cheap concert merch idea. Even fans who don’t play music themselves enjoy collecting guitar picks emblazoned with their favorite bands’ logos, and the low price point makes it accessible to almost any fan. If you’re not currently selling these at your merch table, then you’re really missing out!


Keychains are another form of affordable concert merch that you should definitely consider. If you decide to also carry enamel pins, you can use the exact same design for metal keychains since they’re made with the same technology. However, there are plenty of other keychains designs that you can explore, including acrylic and silicone, that will fit every budget.

Clear Plastic Drawstring Bag

With more and more venues moving towards a “clear bags only” policy, it makes sense to add a clear drawstring bag to your merch table. These bags come in all different styles, including open-top tote bags and zipper backpacks, so you can choose the one that will appeal to your fans the most.

The clear plastic allows security to see exactly what’s inside the bags, cutting down on lines and making concerns a safer and less stressful experience for everyone.

What are your other favorite concert merch items? Or are there any big ticket merch items that you think are worth the splurge? Let us know in the comments below!

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