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Career in medicine: 15 reasons to consider a medical career


Choosing the right career path for you can be challenging and it’s important to find a role that aligns with your skills and passions. If you’d like a chance to make a real difference, you could consider a career in medicine.

It’s a life-long commitment, however, so you need to be sure you are prepared to dedicate yourself to studying and working hard. If you are willing to put in the time it can be incredibly rewarding. The best thing about a career in medicine is it’s also very varied. You can find the path that best suits you and there are always plenty of opportunities to keep on learning.

15 reasons to consider a career in medicine

If you’re thinking about a career in medicine, here are some of the top benefits.

A chance to make a difference

Working in medicine gives you a chance to really make a difference. As well as helping to save lives, you can even expand your reach to volunteering and international work. You could take part in doctors without borders, for example. Dedicated doctors work hard to help those that don’t have access to sufficient medical care, especially in areas of extreme poverty or war zones. They also get involved in politics and push social change. By choosing a career in medicine, you could help to make the world a better place. 

Helping people on a daily basis

Whether you decide to become a doctor, nurse, or healthcare worker, you will be helping people on a daily basis. Your work will have a direct impact on improving the health of others and you might even save lives. As soon as you begin practical studies, you can begin changing people’s lives everyday. This is incredibly rewarding from the get-go, and what better way to launch your career with confidence? Even though it can be stressful at times you will have the opportunity to do good everyday. 

Varied career paths

There are so many different paths you can take if you study for a career in medicine. You can specialize in a number of fields from anesthetics to surgery, and pediatrics to geriatric medicine. You can also work in a number of different locations and formats. Perhaps you would prefer to be based in a hospital or a family clinic. There are also varied schedules and hours depending on the type of job you choose. The possibilities are endless. 

Comfortable clothes

It might not be the most important advantage, but working in a career in medicine, you’ll get to wear comfortable clothes. You can ditch smart suits for loose scrubs, and you won’t have to worry about accessorizing your outfits every day. You can choose from the great selection at Uniform Advantage, for example, and find the best designs for you. 

Work with the latest technology

One of the coolest things about a career in medicine is that you’ll get the chance to work with state-of-the-art technology. You might be involved in the latest in the fight against covid-19, or operating impressive machinery. There are new advances in medical technology every day. It’s a fantastic field to work in for this reason and there will always be developments in this area. 

Learn about science

As well as working with technology you can also learn about science. A career in medicine will involve studying the human body in depth and this is truly fascinating. You’ll learn amazing things about biology and chemistry, and be able to apply these to your everyday work.

If you’ve always been interested in science at school then a career in medicine could be a great way to build on this. Whichever area you choose to specialize in you can rest assured it will never be dull. You’ll learn interesting facts all the time and there will always be new situations and scenarios. 

Find out about the latest discoveries

You’ll be involved with the forefront of research and learn about all the latest medical breakthroughs. There are developments in medical science all the time. These will directly affect your day-to-day work. You could even consider a scientific role and carry out your own researchas a career in medicine. This is perfect for those with an analytical mind always looking to discover new things. 

Develop hands-on skills

A career in medicine will allow you to develop hands-on skills from the start. You could opt for a more practical role such as doctor or surgeon and use the knowledge you’ve learnt in school to carry out procedures on a daily basis. Studying medicine involves a lot of practical work, so if you’d like the opportunity to leave the lecture hall and get your hands dirty then it could be right for you.

Critical thinking in the moment

Critical thinking is one of the most important skills you need to be a doctor. If you like working under pressure and are good at making decisions in the moment, a career in medicine could help you develop these competencies. You will improve your ability to keep your cool and make quick choices based on your knowledge and experience. This is a great skill to have for a career in medicine. You can apply it to other aspects of your daily life. 

Learn from others

You will have the chance to work with people from a very wide range of disciplines in a career in medicine. These could include nurses, dieticians, physiotherapists, pharmacists, scientific researchers, and more. This means you’ll have plenty of opportunities to learn from others and develop knowledge in other areas. Working in medicine you’ll come into contact with people from all walks of life and this can be incredibly inspiring. You’ll be able to view things from a fresh perspective and change your entire outlook on life. 

Opportunity to teach 

As well as continual learning, you’ll also have the opportunity to teach in a career in medicine. You could follow a career trajectory that lands you a teaching role and use this to inspire and educate others. Many jobs in medicine involve teaching and you could end up training the next generation of doctors. Teaching is very gratifying and will also help to reinforce your own learning. You’ll be able to continue to develop your knowledge as you go.

Generous salary

Perhaps it shouldn’t be the only reason to get into a career in medicine, but the average doctor salary is very generous. Depending on your role and experience, you’ll have the opportunity to earn the big bucks. You can also develop your career and progress. With a career in medicine, you can always pursue roles with more responsibility and better benefits. 

Perks and benefits

There are several perks and benefits of a career in medicine. Your employer will typically offer a good healthcare plan including medical and dental coverage. Depending on where you work, you can also set up a defined-contribution plan for your retirement. Robust retirement benefits are offered by many hospitals as an incentive to boost employee retention.

There are also plenty of other perks including paid vacation, sick pay, insurance, legal services, wellness programs, sabbaticals, and relocation benefits. The perks and benefits can vary from role to role. For instance, if you work as a family physician you may be able to compress your hours. You can also find roles with flexible shift work to suit any routine and lifestyle. 

Always in demand

There will always be various types of physicians in demand. People need medical care and there are often doctor shortages in many countries. You will always be able to find new opportunities for work both locally and internationally. As life expectancy increases more healthcare professionals will be required.

Developments in technology and medical science will also lead to the creation of new and different roles for a career in medicine. The covid-19 pandemic has also resulted in an increase in demand for family physicians, internists, emergency physicians, psychiatrists, and more. You can research the field that particularly interests you and find out more about the demand in the market right now. 

Trust and respect

Medical professionals are often treated with trust and respect. This is because their roles are so important in improving people’s lives. With a career in medicine, you could become an esteemed member of society. You could even have a social or political influence with a career in medicine.

Doctors often get involved in helping to make important changes and you could pursue this as part of your career. You will have the opportunity to make a name for yourself in the community and even become an influential figure. This way you can use your career in medicine to reach out to others and make a difference.


The perks and benefits of a career in medicine are just as important as the salary and status. If you are willing to commit your life to helping others, you will be able to enjoy many of these. You’ll have a rewarding role in the local community and can improve people’s way of life on a daily basis. You will also never stop learning and developing your skills. Choose from a variety of paths to find the one that best suits you. With a career in medicine, the next opportunity is always around the corner.

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