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17 ways small business owners can reduce costs: infographic


If you are a small business owner, funds are limited and every penny counts.

Perhaps you are on a shoestring budget or simply just want to watch where those pounds go, this comprehensive guide will provide you with all the information that you need to make savings where they count.

A business cannot thrive if it is not making a profit and reducing what you spend money on can go a long way to reducing costs and increasing profits.

Making savings across multiple business areas will enable you to invest or focus on another area such as developing a company growth strategy, creating a new marketing initiative or purchasing an essential piece of technology or equipment for the business.

In the current economic climate, every business is looking for creative ways to save money; it isn’t just a matter of reducing expenditure – it is about survival.

Increased competition, the internet and growing costs of utility bills along with costs associated with managing business premises and transportation all mean that businesses need to carefully monitor and manage where their money is going.

Our guide will provide you with 17 useful ways in which you can reduce your operating costs. Whether it is something as simple as switching stationery suppliers through to outsourcing work to an expert rather than recruiting a full time employee, there are tips and tricks that every business can make use of. Read the full guide on our website and see how you can make cost savings today.

Artwork by Cyrus Yung


17 ways small business can save costs


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