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20 Instagram accounts every businesswoman should follow this year


Wanna be a successful businesswoman?

You must have been thinking about the ways through which a woman can grow her business and gain fame.

Fortunately, during the recent decade, a lot of female entrepreneurs have emerged across the globe. Without the shadow of a doubt, one of the most important factors for such success is social media. They have been able to make boost their business and make money just by using social networks like Instagram.

With more than a whopping 3 billion active users around the world, social media has provided every man and woman with an unparalleled audience reach. Building brand awareness is not therefore as difficult and costly as it used to be in the past.

Using different social media platforms and with a little bit of expertise in marketing, any person can build their own brand identity and boost grow business from nothing.

If you want to be familiar with several examples of this kind, do review the following accounts on Instagram. You can see these accounts and learn the way they have been able to grow their business.

Also, if you run a business related to women, you can collaborate with these influencers to be your brand advocate. Influencer marketing is considered the most effective means of building brand awareness by many marketers. Based on a report by Social Tradia, many so-called influencers on Instagram are fake and they just want to sell their Instagram account.

So, the best way to find niche influencers is by using valid tools like Awario and BuzzSumo or from confirmed lists like the following one. Although they are not celebrities or music/movie superstars, they are usually hardworking women who are worth following.


6,253 posts     2m followers

bossbae, inc

Boss Babe Inc. sits on the top of our list of businesswomen influencers. With approximately 2 million followers, it is a must-see account for ambitious women. The purpose of BossBabeTM is to help women get ahead of business competition. Their Instagram feed provides you with inspirational quotes about life and success along with educational tools.

2. @girlboss

3,606 posts     1.5m followers

Girl Boss

Girl Boss has gained 1.5 million followers and, therefore, ranks number two on our list. It is a professional network for ambitious women that has been founded by Sophia Amoruso. She is an American businesswoman and a bestselling author of “Girlboss”. This account is also working on inspirational quotes to help women continue their business and prevent them from giving in to the obstacles.


3. @iris.apfel

1,076 posts     1.4m followers

SM Influencers (4)

Being a businesswoman might be a little bit hard in many ways. But being an older businesswoman can be really difficult. But Iris Apfel at 95 years old has been able to gain around 1.4 million followers on Instagram. She is an American interior designer, a successful businesswoman, and a fashion face featured on many fashion carpets. You cannot find any other female influencer more trustworthy than her.

4.   @createcultivate

3,839 posts     575k followers

Creative cultivate

Jaclyn Johnson has established another must-follow Instagram account, Create Cultivate, which has gained more than 570,000 followers. It is, in fact, a platform to encourage women entrepreneurs to build and create their own careers and reach their dreams. It is a verified Instagram account that you can follow to learn quotes that will encourage you.

5. @docjenfit

2,224 posts     562k followers


Not all influencers are celebrities and fashion stars. This one is a doctor of physical therapy who wants to make you mobile again. Dr. Jen Esquer has gained more than 560,000 followers on Instagram and is a trustworthy influencer for women. She is a member of the Women’s Health Mag Board and can give you enough energy to continue your way.

6. @barbaracorcoran

1,645 posts     547k followers

Barbara Corcoran is another businesswomen active on Instagram and probably one of the wealthiest one of them. She is NYC real estate queen and an investor on Shark Tank, the unanimously acclaimed and multi-Emmy® Award-winning TV show that encourages entrepreneurship in America.

7. @businessrulesforwomen

490 posts        247k followers

Business Rules for Women

Business Rules for Women is proud to serve business realness to ambitious women around the world. With more than 240,000 followers on Instagram, Business Rules for Women is founded by Gabrielle Deculus. She has focused on inspiring women entrepreneurs to be their best selves.

8. @alexipanos

4,330 posts     153k followers


Inspiration and motivation are two keyword @alexipanos has insisted on, helping you unleash your extraordinary life. She has introduced herself as a Boss Mama and also a creator, author, and humanitarian. She is working on workshops, podcasts, and free training and has gained more than 150,000 followers.

9. @iamnatalie

2,134 posts     144k followers


@iamnatalie is founded by Natalie Elizabeth Ellis who is a serial entrepreneur and co-CEO and co-founder of Boss Babe which is a network to support businesswomen. It is a verified and must-follow account with more than 140,000 followers.

10. @sarahannestewart

967 posts        134k followers


Sarah Ann is a Holistic Health Practitioner (AADP) and a Health Coach who is the owner of another influential account on Instagram, @sarahannestewart. She is trying to help more than 130,000 women to love their bodies for life.

11. @careercontessa

4,052 posts     123k followers


Career Contessa is an Instagram account that focuses on inspirational quotes in order to motivate more than 120,000 women. The motto of this account is “Be more fulfilled, healthy, and successful at work”. It encourages women entrepreneurs to own their career using some daily advice with some memes mixed in.

12.   @beingisbeautiful

2,195 posts     109k followers


Kylie is the co-founder of Zura Health and is running @beingisbeautiful trying to focus to encourage women by inspirational quotes, health instructions, etc. this is one of her posts:

“Awareness hurts for a reason. It invites changes.”

13. @alyssanobriga

1,400 posts     108k followers


Alyssa is another woman with more than 100,000 followers on Instagram who is helping coaches and entrepreneurs increase their confidence. Founder of Alyssa Nobriga International has posted 1,400 posts to encourage women to reach more impact and income in their careers.

Below accounts have less than 100,000 followers, although they are all worth following and learning from. Please bear in mind that the impact of influencers is not necessarily related to the number of followers.

Highly engaged influencers with a few thousand followers can sometimes work miracles. You can try to build long-lasting relationships with Nano-influencers with less than 5,000 and boost your business.

They can act as your brand advocate and market your product without payment. However, you can offer them several benefits like discounted prices to appreciate their efforts.

14. @theinstagramexpert

1,481 posts     94.9k followers


15. @libbycrow

283 posts        82.8k followers


16. @girlconfident

1,686 posts     53.8k followers



436 posts        47k followers


18. @samanthaskelly

1,924 posts     43.4k followers


19. @heragenda

3,750 posts     38.4k followers


20. @nataliemacneil

1,087 posts     21.6k followers



We have tried to provide you with some confirmed and well-known accounts that focus on women entrepreneurship, business, and generally life. Certainly, you can find many other accounts on Instagram or even other platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook that are worthy of following. Also, if you are a beginner trying to start your online business on Instagram, try to use social escrow services. It can significantly save you time and money and help you build your brand awareness.

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