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2019: The year of digital resolutions


Welcome to 2019. Has it arrived in a flash? Maybe, like me, you’ve gobbled your way through Christmas and survived that bizarre period between Boxing Day and the New Year where nobody knows what time or day it is, let alone what they’re even doing. Suddenly it’s the 31st at 11.59pm, clinking champagne glasses and BAM, just like magic, it’s the new year and you’re back at work.

When it comes to business, the start of the year can be notoriously quiet. It can take weeks to feel a sense of normality. People are still getting into the swing of things, the workflow is minimal and, overall, the month can be quite slow. However, I propose a challenge to you – rather than going with the flow, maximise the conditions and use the next few weeks to get ahead of your digital marketing game.

Put your best foot forward

It’s the year of the pig, the 12th sign of the zodiac. According to Chinese legend, the pig was the last animal to join the zodiac as he accidentally slept in and was late meeting the Jade Emperor. On the other hand, they’re actually one of the happiest and contented zodiac signs. What can we learn from the pig? Definitely be happy, but unlike the pig, don’t be late to the table. I declare 2019 the year of proactivity over reactivity when it comes to your digital marketing goals. So on that note, how ready are you?

I think it’s safe to say that most businesses are well aware of just how important a digital marketing presence is for acquiring and retaining customers. However, it can be a struggle for most busy CEOs to put together an effective plan. This is particularly true if digital marketing is a new area of exploration for a business – you may be asking where to begin, how to set a realistic budget, and how to ensure your messaging is consistent.

I implore you, during the first few weeks of the year, to allocate strategy and planning time. It’s generally quiet enough for business owners to think about their overall business goals. Do you want to increase your revenue by a certain per cent? Are you ready to expand internationally? Do you have a new product or service launching this year?

It’s also a great time to revisit the ‘why’ – why did you start your business in the first place? What’s your purpose? Going back and looking at your original business plan gives you a clearer picture of where you were, where you are now, and where you want to be in the future. According to entreprenuer and investor Tim Berry, when you regularly go back to your business plan, “it becomes a long-term planning process that sets up your strategy, objectives and the steps you need to take by constantly being aware of the results of these steps.”

So, with a broad picture of your business in front of you, it’s easier to see what you could be doing to maximise your marketing. A digital marketing agency can develop a plan that’s not only going to give your business a better digital presence, but also implement techniques and strategies to smash your 2019 business goals.

The simple art of a hello

At LEP Digital, one of our values is to ‘go further’ and we aim to do this with every single one of our clients; we strive to anticipate their needs and have solutions to their problems before they even arise. Therefore, if you have clients, you should be doing the same thing. Larry Myler of Forbes Magazine asks, “how can we make every customer a long-haul partner?” His answer? Simply through “the art of staying connected.” So, one thing all businesses can be doing in these first few weeks is simply reaching out to them.

Use the month of January to reignite the conversation with your current or prospective customers. But, get creative – develop a cleverly crafted email welcoming them into the new year or produce a personalised video inviting them to their first meeting. It might seem simple, but allocating some time to reach out to clients individually can be extraordinarily powerful. In a world where everything is so digitally focused, any touch points where we can be personal or authentic is only going to make a client relationship stronger. 

Check your deets

It’s 2019, so your collateral may be out of date. Do you need to update documentation with new information? Have you expanded your service offering? Picked up any new clients or won any awards? Showcase them right now – don’t wait until later in the year when you arrive at a prospective client meeting with collateral that’s not painting an up to date picture of your business.

The same applies to your website content. Consider reviewing your current copy – is it telling the right story for your brand? Your business might’ve changed direction since early last year. Plus, reviewing and updating website content puts a smile on Google’s dial and can help with your SEO. When you update a website, search engines crawl and index (basically take a look and file away) the pages – it’s here that your website’s position on search engines gets recalculated. Side note: The new year is also an ideal time to introduce a blog on your website if you don’t have one already. As a killer marketing tool, it can drive plenty more traffic to your website, position your business as an industry leader and aids with those much-needed search engine rankings. 

New year, new you

When was the last time you had a good hard look at your branding? Are you in need of an refresh, new logo or a complete overhaul? As a rule of thumb, it’s worth reviewing your logo and branding every two to three years.

There are plenty of reasons why changing your branding might be worth the investment – when you revisited your business plan, did you find that your overall model and vision has shifted? It’s important that your branding aligns itself in the way in which your business operates. If this has changed, your branding might need to as well.A rebrand might be worth considering once you take a look your competition. Are you standing out enough? If you’re feeling like you’re getting a little lost amongst your rivals, consider doing something different. Think about your unique value proposition and capitalise on this through fresh branding.

Finally, is it simply out of date? Trends come and go – is your overall look and feel throwing a little bit too much nineties vibe? If you’re branding is stuck in the past, it could actually be damaging your business, making you look out-of-touch and dated. First impressions and perception are key. Buyers are driven by emotions, stories, images and feelings, making a purchase decision within two seconds based on their first impression.

Guess what, it’s okay to outsource

Are you feeling overwhelmed by this list already? Consider outsourcing some of it – and trust me, there’s plenty of benefits to outsourcing your digital marketing activity. Did you know that hiring an external agency is up to 50% cheaper than hiring a full-time team member? Plus, a digital marketing agency can not only act as an extension of your business but will consider your business goals and exactly what you want to achieve. Plus, it’s peace of mind – you have a whole team of creative and talented professionals dedicated to purely your marketing activity. Not only are you going to get ahead of your competition, but you’re also freeing up the time to focus on what’s important for your business.

If you’re feeling inspired and ready to rock your digital marketing this 2019, then the LEP Digital team would love to help. Doesn’t matter the business goal – we’re ready to make marketing magic by conjuring up a creative strategy that will not only wow you, but wow your clients. Let’s do this.

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Sophie Crenigan is the digital marketing manager at LEP Digital.

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      I am a female Cameroonian n a network marketer. I think I will need your services

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