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3 Action Plans to Improve your Business’ Search Rankings


Search rankings are an important metric for gauging the success of modern businesses, as most purchases are now being made online. A great deal of resources and effort is being channeled towards digital marketing. Across the globe, marketing budgets have risen dramatically with an eye toward boosting their brand’s search rankings.

From 2012 up to the present year, budgets have jumped from $376 billion to $458 billion, according to these numbers by This is due to the fact that new and disruptive technologies are compelling businesses to adapt quickly.

Along the lines of search marketing, new approaches are being sought, along with larger budgets to support implementation for the biggest enterprises.

Boosting your business’ search rankings should be a top priority, given the added value search engine optimization or SEO can bring to your business. However, you will still need to address the most critical challenges to SEO. Unexpected drops in search rankings as well as sudden changes to search algorithms are still barriers to improving a brand’s visibility online.

It’s only a matter of knowing the right approach to improving your search numbers. Here are some of the best action plans you might want to consider. 

1. Adding value to content

Recent changes to search engine algorithms are putting more focus on improving the experiences of online visitors. With that being case, it has become increasingly critical for businesses like yours to create (and not just churn out) content that’s relevant to their target audience. There are numerous ways you can go about this.

One thing’s for sure, you will need to increase the length of your blog content. Stretching the number of words to 1,000 and even as high as 3-5000 can help you enhance your search rankings. For the best effect, throw engaging visuals to the mix. 

2. Focus on keyword research

Keyword research is crucial to improving your business’ search rankings, so you need to spend ample time building a good list of two-word and long tail keywords you can include for greater visibility.

For this, aim to identify competitor keywords using analytical tools such as SpyFu and Wordstream. Once you have your list of keywords to target, you can then create a keyword strategy that aims to compete with similar businesses within your niche.

3. Augment your in-house staff

If you are running a start-up that doesn’t have much clout online, but have the resources to make things happen, you might want to access the necessary skills to support your efforts online. Outsourcing your SEO efforts to a capable service provider can provide you with greater scalability and allow you to focus more on growing your business.

There are a lot of companies offering SEO services that are right for your brand. However, if you’re focused on growing your brand locally, opt to hire an outsourcing partner that knows the local market in and out. For instance, if you’re an online fashion store based in Philadelphia, you can find a search engine optimization company that specializes in that area.

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