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3 key reasons to use PDF software


If you ever share files with other people, and need to keep your content secure, then you should consider using PDF software, such as soda pdf editor. If you have yet to invest in this type of technology, there are a number of reasons you should consider doing so right now.

It is Universal

When you make any type of document in a typical word processor, virtually anyone who has the desire to to open and access the file has to have the exact same software that you use, as well as the exact same fonts. When they don’t have this, then they have the option to try and convert the selected file; however, that usually makes a rather big mess of the formatting and layout. Even if there is only a slight variation in the document, it can cause issues regarding readability.

With a PDF document, you don’t have the same restrictions. You can create the document with the selected PDF software and then anyone who has a PDF reader can open and also read the document.

Superior security

The typical word processor provides you the ability to password-protect and encrypt documents, but that is all the security provided. With PDF software, you can build rights management into your file, too. This means that you can essentially lock the file down and only grant permission for it to be viewed by certain people. This results in you being able to prevent the document from being printed or edited if you don’t want it to happen. You can also encrypt the content in the document.

The files are searchable

If you want the ability to search for certain content in a file that you created with a word process, then you have to use the find and replace built-in tool. Even though this is effective, it is not truly efficient. With PDF software you can create documents that are completely searchable and that let you know how many times the search string is present in the content. You even have the ability to easily navigate between each instance. There is even the option to search the table of contents that is linked to the content that you are searching for.

As you can clearly see, there are many benefits offered by PDF software. If you have yet to use this type of technology for your day to day business affairs, it may be time to do so. Keeping this in mind and checking out the various options will help you figure out why this is likely the best software for your particular needs and wants.

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