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3 key ways to boost your brand credibility


Now, more than ever, building the credibility of your brand is an important facet of your overall marketing efforts. Whether the business you’re running is an arm or spin-off of another venture, or it’s completely new, the way your target market and the public at large perceive your brand is going to play a big role in your overall success. If you’re worried about how effectively you’re winning your customer’s trust and upping online sales, here are some great ways to improve brand credibility.

Gaining and flaunting third-party awards 

Displaying awards from a well-known, third-party source on your website and other marketing materials is one of the best ways for you to boost people’s confidence in your brand. It works in the world of traditional marketing, and it certainly works within the digital arena too. Let’s say that you walked into a bookstore, without any particular novel in mind. A couple of titles immediately catch your eye. One of them has won the Man Booker Prize, and the other hasn’t. With no time to read the blurbs, which one would you choose? In situations like this, whether the customer is at their computer or in a store, third-party recognition can be the one detail which gets you the sale.

Personality in your online communication

While there may have been a time where you could win customers over by sticking to stuffy, corporate talk, that era is long gone. The modern consumer is very averse to companies that don’t have any kind of personality in their communications. They want to be able to relate to your brand long before they seek any kind of connection or communication with you. Injecting personality into marketing content makes up a huge part of modern reputation management work, so make sure you’re not overlooking it, and in turn alienating your customer base. Whether you’ve spent a lot of time thinking about it or not, your business has a culture and personality to it. Make sure this is shining through in the tone of your online communication, and your brand will come off as much more credible.

Customer reviews and testimonials

Last, but certainly not least, we have customer feedback. Well over half of modern buyers will read the reviews for a product or service before deciding whether or not to make a purchase, or even stay on a web page! This is the main driving force behind the launch, and subsequent success of Yelp and Trip Advisor. While there’s only so much you can do to control what people say about you on third-party sites like Amazon and social media, you can certainly filter through the reviews and testimonials that get published on your website. By showing some shining customer reviews on your site, you’ll tell your customer base that your brand is transparent, delivers results, and that you’re secure about your company’s image. For the average person, this will make your company so much easier to trust.

If your brand credibility was waning, consider applying some of these great elements.

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