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3 key ways to make your brand shout


It’s a competitive world out there, but you didn’t need us to tell you that. Not only do you have to face up to the big names in your particular industry, but you have to figure out how to out-market them. The hardest part of this isn’t necessarily “finding” your potential audience, as there are always clients willing to choose a smaller company over a global empire, but it’s understanding how on earth a company is supposed to market their brand effectively.

There’s much argument over the best way to market a business. When it comes to advertising, the end goal is obviously the customer and what they’re looking for in a product, service or overall organisation. Yet, tailoring to the market isn’t always easy, because the market is diverse; even with the limited target audience to which you might have narrowed your marketing campaign down.

Clarity, colour and instantaneousness: these are all the qualities people seem to expect from marketing. At least, these are all the qualities which have the greatest effect and success rate in terms of turning an attention-grabbing advert into sales. Marketing doesn’t have to cause you a headache, however. It doesn’t have to be some unattainable thing, just because the consumer is fussy. Targeting a simple, punctual and rapidly-effective marketing campaign at the right people is made easier when you follow the right steps.

Choosing where to market your brand.

In this day and age, the platforms both online and offline through which businesses can market themselves are numerous and varied. Whether you choose to throw your all at every single platform under the sun, or simply a few smart platforms, consistency is always absolutely vital. You want your brand to be memorable, but in order for this to have a real effect, it must be consistent where potential clients come across it. You can’t use one design on a billboard and another on an online advert. If you want to grow an online business, you need to be thinking about this sort of branding strategy. People need to take your brand seriously, and they can only do that when they see professionalism, as well as creativity.

In addition, people are likelier to remember your brand if it always looks the same. I’m not just talking about the logo; I’m talking about using the same colours, themes and design patterns across the board. There can be different concepts, but a strong brand is one that is always recognisable. People need to know that this is the same brand they saw last week or last month on some other platform or through some other medium, either in the real or virtual world.

Online marketing and a responsive website.

When it comes to online marketing, the term “SEO” (Search Engine Optimisation) is thrown around a lot. There’s good reason for that, because optimising your website for search engines means better ranking on results pages, and what does that mean? It means your website is now placed front and center for any potential customers who might be browsing through terms related to businesses within your industry. It means people are going to see your business website or social media profiles more often, and you’re going to receive a higher influx of visitors

Of course, at the heart of it all, this depends on a good website. Not only is it important to use the correct keywords, but it’s important to have a responsive design. If your content layout is shockingly-poor on certain mobile devices or tablets, this doesn’t only affect your ranking in search engines such as Google, but it disengages visitors to your website. It portrays a certain lack of professionalism.

Build a loyal client-base, and spread your brand through word-of-mouth.

In the digital age, perhaps word-of-mouth marketing seems like an inefficient way of making your brand really take off and stand out from the crowd, but the opposite couldn’t be more true. At the end of the day, online adverts and glitzy, well-worded marketing campaigns can only do so much for a business. Reputation speaks volumes, and, when it comes to a trustworthy business, people trust their friends more than biased promises from the company itself. That’s why word-of-mouth can do wonders when it comes to making your brand stand out from the mix.

You don’t even have to do any work in terms of bringing in new customers to your business; your existing, loyal client-base will do that for you. This depends on delivering an incredible service to your small, existing range of clients, but it also depends on recognising and rewarding them. Put some time towards showing them that you value any input or support. Offering rewards for referrals is a great way to get your clients to tell their friends about your business.

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