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3 questions to make your day powerful


It’s important for any female entrepreneur, career or business woman to know she’s growing, aligned and powerful. Without this, confidence can take a nosedive and in business confidence is everything! 

Recently I adopted the habit of asking myself three centering questions the moment I open my eyes and the effect has been powerful. 

How can I live a bigger life? 

How can I play a bigger game in my business? 

How can I honour ALL parts of me? 

HUGE questions. 

Questions that expand my thinking and force me to elevate from the moment my day begins. For most female business women building our career or empire becomes an obsession, our driving force and the place we choose to focus the majority of our energy and time … and for good reason — because it fulfills us. So much of our identity and how we feel about ourselves as women is deeply tied to the success or failure of our business. 

BUT, here’s the thing …

most of us didn’t begin our businesses or go into our field because we wanted to work 20 hours a day, even though we love our work. A large part of the motivation is the lifestyle we hoped would accompany it. You know the one: time freedom, luxury travel, beautiful clothes, fine dining, a beautiful home, the luxury car, and flowers and candles … lots of flowers and candles.

I’m as guilty as the next woman of entering `the cave’, the place where a new idea forms and life becomes all about bringing this thing to life. This is a necessary part of the deal at times, however it is so important to take the time to remember that we owe it to ourselves to not only have a thriving business but also a thriving life! 

When my spark is missing and I go searching for it, it can usually be found buried under work. To regain my spark back, I know I need to live my life bigger OUTSIDE of my business. Sometimes I don’t even know what this looks like I’m so deep in the cave! 

I forget the things that bring me joy. I forget that it’s worth driving 90 minutes to my favourite beach to walk for three hours listening to podcasts that inspire me. I forget that catching up with my mum for the day is fun and also feeds my soul. I forget that driving to the outside Olympic sized pool is worth the effort and that swimming in that pool makes me feel alive. I forget that a day shopping and dining in fancy restaurants with my friends is often just what the doctor ordered. I forget that weekends away without my laptop opens my eyes to the things I’ve been missing. I forget what it feels like to live a day in my house that doesn’t involve 78 trips to my office just in case I miss something!! 

By asking myself the question “How can I live a bigger life today?” I’m reminding myself that lilfe is of equal importance to work and that not every single goal I have in life needs to revolve around the latter! 

How can YOU live a bigger life today? 

This is the question that continually forces growth for me and adds an injection of excitement into my working day. 

How big can I go? 

How far can I take this thing? 

What can I create that will excite and engage my tribe? 

For too many years more than I can count I underestimated my capacity for greatness. I aimed too low and that’s where I landed. I no longer accept comfort as my modus operandi, for me these days is all about expanding until I’m extremely uncomfortable and then I hustle to get comfortable.  

Luckily for me I adapt fast and it isn’t long before I’m ready to scare the pants off myself again. Unluckily for me this means constantly scaring the bejeezus out of myself as I force myself to grow, grow, grow. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Like most women I like to think I’m simple when in fact I’m quite complex (or, as the love of my life says “a nightmare”)….when things aren’t as they should be! Life feels simple and balanced for me when I’m honouring ALL of the MAIN parts of me. I know if I honour the following four main areas I’m happy, as in as balanced as I’m

Going to get and feel as though I’m living a full and authentic life. 

The entrepreneur: honouring my brand and my clients and striving for growth as an entrepreneur. 

The Martial Artist: humbled, disciplined, quiet, philosophical, striving for excellence. 

The loved up, sensual partner: showing up as the women my man fell in love with…because I love this woman too. 

The mum who stays on top of everything: being available, catching them before they fall, after they fall and making sure my kids feel loved and supported (with a 19 year old and a 17 year old this can take some doing). If I feel I’m not being a good mum nothing else works right. 

If I honour the entrepreneur but not the Marital Artist I lose my edge, I lose my deeper wisdom, I lose feeling grounded and connected with this thing that helped shape me in the best possible way.  In the reverse I feel “off-brand”.

If I’m training and embracing Martial Arts Philosophy, killing it in business and being a good mum but not showing up as the woman I love to be for my man (and for me) the balance is also off. 

It may sound like a huge task to get all of my ducks in row each day but it’s not and any time spent doing so is 1,000,000,000 times worth the effort.  It doesn’t take a lot to honour all parts of me so I feel aligned and in flow…. Spend a solid 3-5hrs on growing my business and serving my clients the best way I know how. 

Spend 5 minutes reading or pondering how I can bring Martial Arts Philosophy into my day. 

Communicate with my kids and tell them I love and am proud of them and take care of any appointments. 

Spend 5 minutes grounding myself in how I want to feel as a woman today and put effort into my appearance. I also pause during the day to check in that I’m on track. 

What o you need to do each day to honour all parts of YOU? Clarity is power but Vision is the diving force. By asking yourself these questions day after day you keep Vision front of mind. By keeping Vision front of mind you can be sure you’re heading in the direction of your dreams. 

And THAT is the direction we all want to be headed in. 


About Michelle Hext

Michelle Hext is the best-selling author of The Art of Kicking Ass Elegantly - In Business, In Love, In Fitness and In Life, international speaker and business & brand strategist from Melbourne Australia. Having been an entrepreneur for over 20 years, she is driven to ensure entrepreneurial women create brands and offerings that honour the vision they set out to achieve. As the founder of The Art of Kicking Ass she runs her signature 12 Month Luxury Business & Lifestyle Mastermind live around Australia. Michelle also works with female entrepreneurs globally through online programs where she helps entrepreneurial women launch, rebrand & grow their businesses.

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