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3 Signs that you are understaffed


Any company’s productivity is only as good as its workforce and a happy workforce tends to be more productive. Not only are the individuals more willing to work extra hours if asked, they tend to stay loyal to the company. In the long term, the company benefits from their experience and expertise. They often become team leaders, trainers or supervisors to new recruits passing on the ethos of the company as they do.

A fall in morale will result in a fall in productivity. It’s inevitable, and one of the greatest de-motivators is overwork. It is proven the stress overwork produces negatively affects physical health and mental wellbeing resulting absenteeism, long-term sick leave, early retirement or simply quitting. Higher than normal staff turnover is a big red flag that something is going wrong and your employees are feeling it.   That’s why it is important to find the right people to manage your business, and many businesses turn to top names like to find quality assistance.

Here are some reasons suggesting you might not have enough staff to continue making your business a success.

Overwhelmed and dissatisfied employees

No organization with less than the desired number of employees produces satisfactory results. Workers are often too overwhelmed, stressed or exhausted to have any emotional attachment. Put simply, they are too stressed out to care. They are not allowed time to focus on completing one task well and instead are forced to jump from one task to another leaving several incomplete to add to their dissatisfaction. Mistakes increase, as does wastage and pilfering and details in paperwork or procedures overlooked or missed out deliberately. With less job security comes less emotional investment in the welfare of the company. This all results in slow or low quality work with dissatisfied clients and falling orders.

Delayed customer service

In the customer service sector, a lack of employees at the customer interface results in delays in the responses and missed calls, particularly during peak hours. To the customer or client, it is simply poor customer service. No one has time to queue. Many find it intensely frustrating and will doubt whether their call really is that important to you.

Likewise, placing unrealistic targets to raise productivity by shortening call times on too few customer service staff, makes it difficult for them to find any reason to stay level headed and stay on the line to be professional when confronted with irate callers. This is exactly the time a company depends most on their staff’s loyalty and their expert communication skills so that  every customer ends their call happy.

Financial breakdown

Often employers hire insufficient employees deliberately to save on the labor costs at times of lower demand or increased costs. It’s false economy. Using your labor force to cut costs often results in a greater financial loss than paying the salary would have incurred.

Poor customer service and high staff turnover can damage the local reputation of a company. No one wants to work there if there is an alternative. That makes remedying the situation more difficult. You are no longer in the position to attract high caliber recruits and you’ll have to take on those less suitable who won’t have access to quality training by experienced staff. In the end, it’s a slippery downwards slope towards folding. Staff turnover remains high, productivity low and job satisfaction poor or nonexistent.

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