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3 Steps to ensure you won’t be passed over for a promotion


There are a lot of stresses and frustrations that people can face in the workplace, but few are as infuriating as being passed over for a well-deserved promotion time after time. This is even truer when you’ve put in your dues, worked for the company for a substantial time, learned and grown in your position, and really added value. Watching others nab those promotions over you can be not only frustrating but also discouraging.

So, what steps can you take to turn things around? How can you help to ensure that you stop getting passed over and that a promotion is finally given to you? We’ve gone ahead and put together three steps that can certainly help you reach your career goals.

Speak to your employer about your career goals

Sometimes the problem is that your employer doesn’t even know you’re interested in a promotion. Maybe you aren’t actually being passed over, rather, your employer had no idea that you wanted to work up the career ladder. This is why it can be helpful to speak to your boss directly, let them know what your career goals are in the company, and ask for advice and feedback from them on how you can achieve your goals. The input they provide you with can help you to take the necessary steps to land the next available promotion.

Get yourself a professional mentor

Another great way to elevate yourself in the eyes of your employer and show you are truly ready to take on more responsibility and even a leadership or executive role is to get yourself a professional mentor. The benefits of mentoring are vast, as are discussed in an informative blog from Menttium. In fact, your workplace may even have a program such as Menttium’s in place that would set you up with a mentor.

Mentors can help to provide you with knowledge, they can share their experiences with you, it’s someone you can bounce ideas off, ask questions, and they can also help to build your confidence.

Further your training, skills, and education

It’s also wise to be honest with yourself and ask yourself if you have the skills, experience, education, and training needed for the promotion. If the answer is no, then it’s time to change that. Enroll in courses to further your skills so you can beef up your resume. Some workplaces offer career and training advancement courses paid-for, as they see the benefit in training their own employees rather than having to look for new staff outside of the workplace.

Put an end to the cycle of disappointment

Employers often prefer to promote from within, which means there tends to be plenty of opportunities for promotion. Rather than focus on all the promotions you have been overlooked for, it’s time to put an end to that cycle of disappointment and take control of your career future. Each of these tips will help put you in a stronger position in time for that next opportunity.

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