3 steps to making it big


What are the 3 steps to making it BIG?

As a woman in business we are often distracted by what others are doing and also by pieces of advice that tell us all we need to do in order to succeed is to “Dream, believe and achieve”.

There are three thing you need to consider if you want to “make it big”.

1. Dream BIG: this means stop dreaming small. Aim for the bosses job instead of just the next level or go for a board position. Who says you can’t? There is only one way to make it big and that is to train yourself to dream big and think big, Let yourself go and dream as big as you possibly can. The trick here though is not to tell anyone! This is a private matter between you and your goal.

2. Focus: if you want to make it big you need to focus, you won’t be able to focus unless you really want something bad enough. First things first…admit to yourself what you need to cut out. Cut out time wastes like watching TV and reading magazines that add no value to your goal. You need to stay focused daily, weekly and monthly. Oh and yes, spending time with people you shouldn’t be hanging around with is not being focused.

3. Hard-work: You are probably aren’t working as hard as you “think” you are. It may sound harsh although when it comes to “making it big” you need to work yourself stupid so to speak. If you really want to succeed more than the person next to you, you need to sacrifice the luxuries in life like watching TV every night. You need to work long hours. Hard-work will always ALWAYS pay off.

These are very simple strategies that no-one will often share with you. If you follow them as best as you can, expect to succeed more than you have before.



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    September 28, 2014 at 9:25 pm

    Limitless ambition, cut out on everything that is not directly related to your ambition and work yourself stupid….really?! Never heard before, best kept scret, thank you very much

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