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3 Ways to incorporate digital and reality in your marketing


Any business, in terms of its content marketing or promotional tactics, is about ensuring that it has the right mix. We can certainly rely a lot on our digital presence in order to make a significant impact but we also have to make sure that we focus on the real world as well. And when these two components coalesce it gives your business a far more tangible sensation. But what are the best ways for us to mix digital and reality?

The billboard component

Billboards are more interactive than ever before and with companies like Flowcode giving you the opportunity to create your own QR code this is something that you can put on your promotional materials that any passer-by can scan with their phone and be immediately transported to your website or app. Billboards are a perfect opportunity for us to absorb information because they are all around us. When we start to think about semiotics (the practice of signs and signifiers) and how they influence our decision to buy products, when we start to mix the digital with the reality it is going to increase interaction with the brand.


People are going hell for leather with regards to webinars right now. It’s a perfect way to have people interact with someone but do it from the comfort of their own home. Seminars are arguably more interactive because they are in-person but when you start to give something through a webinar it allows you the opportunity to engage with people on a different level but also, they may feel more inclined to be an inactive participant. But this can work in your favour. When you, as an audience member, get picked on by someone it doesn’t endear you to them. And this is why webinars could very well be the perfect opportunity to bridge a gap between the real and the digital world. It is also incredibly cost-effective. When we set up a webinar it doesn’t require much and the great thing about doing one webinar that we can record it and we can replay it but if you can do a live webinar every few hours this is the perfect opportunity for you to drum up support for your product.

Chatbots and messenger advertising

As far as targeted ads are concerned this is truly one of the best methods right now. A chatbot is easy enough to set up and can provide numerous ways to communicate with a customer. But also because of the intimate nature of Messenger, it allows for one-on-one communication. Messenger becomes a perfect opportunity to bridge the gap between digital and reality because of how you are communicating with the customer. It engages them but it also so provides a hands-off experience. A customer doesn’t necessarily have to interact with you if they don’t want to.

We have to bridge the gap between real and imagined. And when we are exclusively promoting things via a digital platform we could very well lose something in the communication. But this is why we should think about communicating ourselves through multi-platform approaches.

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