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3 Ways to make sure your office exterior sends the right message


Every business owner knows that it’s important to pay extra attention to their office space. If you don’t have a good working environment, it can have a big effect on your employee’s productivity. You may also be inviting clients to your office so it’s essential that you’re giving them a good first impression. But a lot of people forget about the outside spaces when they’re designing their office. They’ll spend lots of time and money making the inside of the office perfect, but the outside is still just a dull car park. That’s a bad move because the outside of your office is a good opportunity to show off your company to people that are passing by. If you haven’t thought about it before, here are a few tips on designing the outside of your office.


Signs are an important part of office design that is often overlooked. They’re not just there to let people know that they’re at the right building, they’re a great opportunity to build a brand as well. If people drive by and they see a boring black and white sign, they’re not going to remember your company name and they certainly won’t look you up when you get home. But if you create something that grabs their attention and intrigues them, you might end up with some new customers. That’s why it’s always a good idea to spend some money on a decent sign and think properly about the design of it.

As well as a sign on the front of the building, you should consider putting up some big banners so people can see your branding from all angles, even if they’re not driving right by. It makes it easier for people to find you and makes the building more attractive. G&S Industries are a leading manufacturer of steel poles and they can do you some great banner poles. Then you just need to get a design company to create the actual banner for you and you’re good to go.


The way that you maintain your office says a lot about you so if you leave all of the plants to get overgrown and scruffy, anybody that visits your office is going to think that you’re a careless business owner. That’s why it’s important to get landscaping services in regularly to keep it all in order.

Clean the windows

There’s nothing worse than dirty, streaked windows on the front of an office, especially if it’s a modern one with a lot of glass. It makes the building look old and worn, even if it isn’t. People will turn up and take one look at it before deciding that you’re the kind of business owner that doesn’t take pride in their company. Natural light is also good for productivity but if the windows are dirty, you’re not going to get much light in so you need to clean those windows. It’s only a small thing but it does make a big difference.

If you neglect the outside of your office, you’re sending the wrong message to potential customers.

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