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3 ways to unwind for the modern female entrepreneur


Wouldn’t it be great to have more free time and feel less stressed before leaving home for work in the morning? Let’s face it: Anyone could benefit, from walking into the office in a more clear and relaxed state of mind. Perhaps a break is just what you need to release yourselves from the daily grind and help you reclaim your energy. Here are three ways for you to relax in your free time, so you feel fresh and alert during those long working hours.

1. Journaling

There are a number of wonderful intrinsic benefits to be had from journaling. It can give your thoughts and feelings more clarity, as well as reduce stress and enable you to know yourself better. Expressive writing, in fact, can reduce avoidant and intrusive thoughts regarding negative occurrences. It can also enhance working memory. Such improvements can free your cognitive resources for more productive mental activities, including your ability to handle stress. Organizing your thoughts allows you to dump everything that’s in your head down on paper. In order for your brain to regain peak levels of performance, it’s necessary to give it the order it strives for.

2. Online entertainment

If you feel that you must be connected to your smartphone or laptop, there are countless apps and websites that you can access to have fun. Simply forget about work and log in to Netflix to watch your favorite TV show or movie. Or head over to Buzzfeed to take their fun quizzes. Or you can have a go at online gaming, which is especially suitable if you’re always on the go, as there numerous apps that you download and sites to access. Sites such as Vegas Casino feature a wide range of games to enjoy, including Gypsy Rose and Good Girl Gone Bad.

3. Going off the grid

A walk around the block isn’t always a cure for stress. Sometimes you need more, and it just may be time to go off the grid. The idea of going off the grid can conjure up images of installing a windmill and/or a solar panel, but in the age of the internet, it could simply mean going offline. Research from Cornell University suggests that being forever tuned in has turned into a ubiquitous problem in modern society. The usual suspects are the Internet, social media, and mobile technology. Going off the grid for a few hours, or even longer, can revitalize you, both personally and professionally.

It’s easy to feel like spending any time relaxing is time spent away from your business, and that you’re ultimately losing money. Forgetting to unwind, however, can result in a number of health problems, including muscle pain, headaches, high blood pressure, and stress and anxiety. Each of these can add up to take an unnecessary toll on your body and mind. And let’s be honest: there’s no point in making extra profit if you lack the time or lifestyle to enjoy it.

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