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31 success tips for serious entrepreneurs


Time after time I always get asked what tips I can give to help anyone starting out in business. I believe to be successful you need to do a variety of things all in unison to fast track your results. Just like a marathon runner who trains for their sport, they aren’t just doing one thing. They are doing many things ranging from various exercises, training regimes, supplementation, nutrition, massage, psychological coaching etc…it’s the same for a serious entrepreneur.

Here are my tips on what I have put into practice to get me on an upward trajectory of being super productive, resourceful, balanced and focused on what I need to do to grow my company.

1. Only buy things you either really need or you absolutely love.

2. Successful people get advice from people who are more successful than they are. Average people take advice from friends and family around them, which doesn’t help them make big leaps. (You can still love those folks, but seek out better sources for special advice)

3. Know that not everyone will support your success. While many people will admire you and be inspired by you, your success is also a mirror that will cause some people only to see what they haven’t accomplished yet, or what they don’t like about themselves and their lives.

4. Make decisions not from where you are, but from where you want to be. Whatever your next goal is, think of what you would be doing, saying and feeling if you were already there.

5. Fortune favours the bold. Make the call, ask for the referral, book the trip, ask that person out, go for the sale.

6. Get comfortable with numbers, talking about money, making money, and spending money. Bonus: then you can get comfortable with giving a lot more of it away!

7. Being genuinely productive isn’t just about doing more. It’s about investing your energy and time into only those tasks that make a difference to you. That gives you instantly better results in your life.

8. Let go of what doesn’t fit you anymore… certain clothes, unkempt surroundings, old junk. Donate or sell it all. This stuff is old, stagnant energy and is keeping you from clarity and success.

9. Have a big WHY for doing what you do. It will fuel your growth faster. If you don’t know it yet, ask the universe for guidance.

10. Stop caring so much about what everyone thinks – they’ll be talking about you either way! If you get distracted by them, it just means your focusing on the wrong thing. Get back on purpose.

11. What you put up with is what you end up with. What are you tolerating?

12. Its okay to start small and imperfect. Start with what you have, because it’s better than not starting at all. You don’t even need to be that smart, or have a big vision. Just get going

13. Your environments create your outcomes. Are they supportive? Beautify and take care of your home, car and work spaces. (Physical environments affect women more than men, so this is particularly important for the ladies)

14. Success leaves clues. If you want to succeed, find someone who is doing successfully what you want to do and begin doing what they do

15. Manage your money now. You won’t attract more if you don’t take care of what you have. Becoming aware of your complete situation may be painful at first, but once you know what you have to fix it, it will then be 100 times easier for you

16. Cut out unnecessary expenses. Go through your bank statements line by line, and look for services you don’t need any more or even charges you may not realise are hitting your accounts every month.

17. Know the purpose of your business: to make a profit. Yes, I know.. your personal purpose is to change the world. But your business has to profit in order to fuel your mission! Make your main business goal a healthy profit, and you’ll be amazing at what things will start happening to further your person mission.

18. Three keys to generating large amounts of business income quickly: 1- a product or service wanted by thirsty audience. 2- a business model that works. 3- a solid marketing and sales process

19. Learn to embrace risk. By definition, an entrepreneur is ‘a person who organises and operates a business or businesses’ taking on a greater than normal risk in order to do so”

20. Your marketing is more important than your mastery. You can be the best accountant, dog groomer, life coach, fitness trainer, and wedding planner – whatever your business is – but if you don’t know how to get the word out about business and generate response, you will never create the income you truly desire.

21. Need more credit for your business? Call your creditors and ask for more credit on the card your have. (they often say yes). Or apply for a new credit card or credit line. Or ask for better terms or a new payment plan on debts.

22. If sales are slow during the holidays, offer a sale or special to incentize buying

23. Effective marketing is about having an ongoing conversation with your customers

24. It typically takes at least 7 imprints of your marketing message for someone to respond. Don’t expect your best results after just one. They need to see it many times!

25. Hand over all that administrative work to an assistant as soon as you can. You can’t build wealth by doing a $20/hour jobs. Focus on being the business owner and you get to give someone else a job too!

26. Let go of what doesn’t fit anymore… certain customers, your branding, old offerings, your crappy website

27. Graphics, photos, and / or videos will increase sales for products

28. Your customers are where it’s at. To be most successful in business you must be able to acquire a customer, get them to want to buy from you again because they’re happy with their purchase, and then get that customer to recommend you to others.

29. Make a bold statement or promise that gets your prospects attention.

30. Facts tell, stories sell. Use both well.

31. Use client / customer success stories in your marketing – they are extremely powerful. Ask your clients/customer for them; they don’t often volunteer them on their own

About Jellaine Dee

Jellaine Dee is not your typical beauty professional. She is an extraordinary woman who has combined can’t-study-for-it business acumen, an innate ability to create buzz products with an uncanny ‘gut instinct’. Nominated as Entrepreneur of the Year by Cosmopolitan Magazine and a winner of the prestigious Telstra Women’s Business Award, Jellaine started her journey in the fashion and beauty world at a shy age of 24. Cherry Blooms can be found in every US state, Canada, Australia, along with several European countries. We’ve also featured in the coveted Oscar Celebrity Gift bags and are adored by makeup artists and bloggers worldwide and are stocked in some of the world’s most prestigious department stores, including Nordstrom.

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