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4 Common problems that all businesses have to face


Businesses face a lot of problems on a regular basis. While you cannot really get rid of ‘em all, as many problems come unannounced, you can do planning to fight ‘em better.

To help you in this regard, given below are four common problems that almost all businesses have to face:

1. Cashflow problem

Before we explain this, it is important to understand what cashflow is. In simple words, cashflow is basically the amount of cash that runs in and out of a business.

A business must maintain proper cashflow in order to meet its expenses. These include utility bills, rent and salaries.

All businesses should try to increase income and reduce expenses so that there is always a good amount of cash in hand, which can be used to clear expenses. But, this is easier said than done, which is evident from the fact that poor cashflow is the #1 cause why businesses shut down.

Not having enough cash can cause businesses to turn to business loans. While loans are not always preferable, at times there is no option but to look for a lender when you are in dire need of money.

If you are in such a situation, make sure to only find a reliable lender who offers money at low interest rates just like which offers a range of terms and conditions, such as fixed, variable or combination interest rates, and interest-only or interest and principal repayments. This way you will not have much of a problem in paying back the loan.

2. A lack of human capital

Skilled employees are hard to find. The competition is tough out there and you need to be very good to be able to score a good employee.

According to reports, a lack of human capital is the #2 reason why business fail, only behind cashflow issues. It may not look like a big issue on paper, especially with so many educated and jobless individuals out there, but in reality finding skilled employees is a tough task.

Sources say that it takes about 6-8 weeks to fill a vacancy. This shows the dearth of good employees.

This problem is seen not in just one but all industries, which is why many businesses have to now even import human capital, i.e: hire employees from other countries.

3. No long-term clients

It is important for businesses to have long-term clients. This is important for growth as you cannot afford to lose your clients.

There are many benefits of working with long-term clients. You develop a certain understanding with them, which helps you both in the long-run. Other than this, long-term clients can bring you new clients as well.

If they are happy with your services, chances are that they may bring you more clients as well. However, it is not very easy for most businesses to retain clients.

Remember that it is cheaper to retain a client than it is to win a new client. This is why you should work hard and try your best to retain clients. Find what motivates a client to stay with you and then work out a customized plan.

These days, buyers are spoiled. They will go to anyone who offers better quality at cheaper rates so look at your business model and see if you can make any changes to retain current clients and win new ones.

4. Increasing costs

Everything is getting expensive, from raw materials to employees to utilities. This puts a lot of pressure on businesses as profits begin to decrease if income does not increase when expenses do.

This is why businesses need to curb expenses and get rid of everything that isn’t providing any benefits. These include employees as well. If you have employees that are too expensive, you must replace them with more affordable employees.

Similarly, you can reduce costs by replacing regular machines with energy efficient products, when available. All this can help you reduce costs and improve your financial position.

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