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4 Consequences of a cheap business website


Like any business owner, you’ve likely always got your eye on your business’ expenditure. The less you spend, the higher your profits, so being parsimonious with your outgoings is an important part of your overall business strategy. For the most part, being cautious with costs should be considered a very good thing.

There is, however, one area where cutting costs might backfire: your business website. The need for a good business website is well-established, but the cost of a professionally developed site is one that many business owners don’t see as necessary. After all, a site is just a site, and what could the consequences of neglecting top-quality web design really be?


#1 – Cheap sites look cheap

If you choose a cheap website, and especially if you choose a site you’ve designed yourself with a WYSIWYG editor, then it is impossible to hide the fact that the site is cheap. To any experienced web user, cheap sites are obvious. The end result of opting for a cheap website is that your business looks cheap, which isn’t quite the reputation that you want to garner for yourself online.

Think of it like this: if you had a retail store, you’d invest in a professionally-designed sign to ensure that your store made the right first impression on customers. The same should be true of your website. However, if you opt for a cheap website, it’s akin to a retail store choosing to hand-write their own sign with a marker pen and a few sheets of paper— it technically does the same thing as a professionally-designed sign, but everyone knows it’s a cheap solution that’s not really fit for the purpose.

#2 – The cookie cutter factor

If you don’t invest in your business’ website, the originality of the site will be hugely compromised. Many cheap sites look nigh-on identical to one another; if you want to stand out online, you want to ensure that your website — and thus your business — is distinctive and individual.

#3 – Limited functionality

The cheaper a site is, the worse the functionality. For example, cheaper sites might not have live chat functions, or don’t provide the information that potential customers require. The functionality of a site improves along with the investment in that site; professionally-designed sites don’t just look better, they work better than their cheaper equivalents.

#4 – User suspicion

In the modern world, we’re all used to well-designed sites that look good and work well— expert design has become the norm, to the point where many users are sceptical of a site that doesn’t conform to established standards.

If your site is cheap and poor in quality, then there’s a very good chance that users will back-button away without even taking the time to peruse the content. A site that doesn’t meet normal standards is immediately going to be viewed with suspicion by web-savvy users who have grown accustomed to all-singing, all-dancing sites.

In conclusion

While keeping an eye on costs is an integral part of your business strategy, the above make it clear that your website is an area you can ill-afford to neglect. Online real estate is a vital part of how your business is going to be perceived as well as your ability to function in the modern marketplace, so investment in this area is always going to be justified.

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