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4 key tips to impress clients and seal the deal


Good business women know that there is only one thing that truly matters in business. And that is impressing clients and sealing the deal. After all, if you can’t seal the deal you won’t be able to get an new custom. And there is no quicker way for business to dry up!

So how exactly do you impress potential clients and persuade them to come on board? Well, there are a few small things that can win them over without you coming across as too desperate. Here are some of the best ways to impress and get that deal!

First impressions count

People say that first impressions count in all walks of life. And that is extremely true in business. Many studies suggest that we form a lasting impression of someone within the first few seconds of meeting them. So you need to make those seconds count! Make sure that you are confident and competent in your conversation skills, and you will have got over the first hurdle in impressing potential clients.

Schmooze your clients

Why keep your discussions and meetings in the boardroom when you can schmooze your clients over a game of golf or dinner in a restaurant? You can even throw in some corporate gifts such as branded golf clubs or cufflinks to help sweeten the deal. Clients are more likely to sign off on a deal if they can see a relationship forming beyond the office. That’s because it will become a much more fruitful relationship, as you will be able to rely on each other for various aspects of business.

Always have your business card on you

You may not realize it, but your business card contributes to your overall image. It is a key part of making introductions in business. If you are at a networking event and you do not have a business card to give to someone, you won’t be giving off a good impression of your company. In fact, if someone asks you for a card and you don’t have one, they may think that you aren’t willing to share your details with them. So always keep plenty of business cards on you. That way, you can make a connection with everyone you meet and set into place the steps needed to seal a future deal!

Be prepared to take your time

You will no doubt want to get your client’s signature on the dotted line as soon as possible. However, clients may want to think things through carefully and take a bit more time to make sure that this is the right deal for them. That means you need to be prepared to take things slow. Don’t get too overconfident and try to get your client to sign straight away. This could make them nervous, and they could end up taking their business elsewhere. Stay cool and collected, and be very prepared to play the long game!

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