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Money saving tips: 4 tips for your small business


This short guide outlines four clever money saving tips that will boost the bottom line of any small business operation.

Do you want to run a profitable business? There are two practical ways; you can either increase your sales or save money on your cost. While you don’t have complete control over your business’ sales particularly during these pandemic times, you can save cash by decreasing costs and controlling your spending without staff layoffs or reducing customer service quality.

Money saving tips: 4 tips for small business

Reports have indicated thousands of job losses as businesses cut back on staff to stay afloat amid the pandemic. What if there was a more effective strategy to save cash and keep your business profitable? Check these practical money saving tips.

1. Replace traditional advertising for low-cost alternatives

This cost-saving strategy is popular among small businesses as one of the most important money saving tips. With the numerous alternatives thanks to digital marketing and promotions, it is conceivable to reduce your spending on traditional advertising and still reach out to your targeted audience.

Several big companies have grown to appreciate that this form of advertising is much cheaper and effective. For many businesses, employing SEO marketing strategies like inbound marketing in their websites and other marketing channels has a much more stimulating effect than traditional advertising such as paid internet advertising.

2. Outsourcing

Employees are considered the bloodline of every business and fundamental to getting work done. However, expenses like salaries, office space, and insurance can consume the largest part of your budget for a small business. This is why it is essential to keep full-time workers at the barest minimum possible and outsource to freelancers and contract workers for jobs your business can’t cover. Some outsourcing activities for money saving tips may include human resource and supply chain management, accounting, facility management, research, and content writing.

3. Negotiate with vendors

What you agree to be paying your vendors doesn’t need to be the last word on what you keep paying. Eventually, your vendors need to remain in business just like you in the current challenging economy. Several of them will be ready to come back to the negotiation table than lose a loyal client.

You can negotiate for improved prices on every item, for example, phone bills and office supplies. You have nothing to lose for trying this strategic one of the money saving tips, significantly when such costs impact your customers’ service delivery cost. Are you a small business owner? You can learn more about credit card processing for your business to save cost and promote growth.

4. Turn off your computers and gadgets

Are you aware you can save over $200 annually in energy cost if you turn off your computers after the close of work every day? The number of computers you have in your workplace can significantly impact how much you save costs. This is an excellent opportunity for a small business to cut back on cost and have funds for other projects. Create an energy efficiency culture in your workplace to ensure you save on any unnecessary energy bills. As simple as this sounds, in reality, computers are rarely turned off after the close of day.


It is tricky for small businesses to save cash, particularly when your business is barely treading water. However, these tips should help you save some money while building your business.

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