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4 Online services every small business needs to utilize


Major corporations have the bulk of their needs handled by internal departments. Everything from marketing to human resources to real estate is managed by company employees. If you are running a small business, you do not have the luxury of hiring, let alone relying on, additional employees to help with every aspect of your business.

That is why small businesses should utilize the services of others for many of their functions. By contracting the work out, you are saving yourself the time of putting out help wanted ads, screening calls, reviewing resumes, interviewing, then finally hiring someone for a job that may be temporary or project-based.

The Internet is swarming with these very types of service providers. They can help you manage your business, and do so cheaper and less time-consuming than if you hired someone for the job. We discuss below some of the most crucial services you can find on the World Wide Web that can improve your success.

Human resources

By outsourcing your human resources needs, you can free up time for you to drive your business in the ways that truly impact your traffic and sales. These companies will help you find the people you need to run your business. They will do all of the ad placements for job search engines, weed through the applications, and pre-screen potential employees.

Once you have hired an individual, an HR firm will also assist with the required paperwork: tax forms, proof of work eligibility, etc. For a monthly fee they will take the burden off of you; the human resources functions you know little about and really do not want to deal with.

This also includes payroll functions. Through the use of their software, you can maintain employees’ time and attendance. The HR company will provide you with the reports you need to ensure your people get paid properly and promptly.

Another great aspect of online HR firms is that they will also serve as your benefits manager. If you support your employees with medical, dental, or vision benefits; vacation or sick pay; or other form of benefits, then these companies will take care of it all.

Virtual assistants

If there is any part of your business that can be handled by an outside firm, then you will probably want to shift those duties over to a virtual assistant. These can be people or companies that manage your appointments, handle any errands, researching topics, and take care of any number of tasks that will free up your day.

They can even provide your business with customer support, answering questions and screening calls. They will pass any concerns over to you directly if they are unable to correct a situation to the client’s liking.

Bookkeeping is another function a virtual assistant can fill. They will track your revenue and your expenditures, your accounts receivable, even your taxes, and keep your ledger in line. This can be especially useful to those who struggle with numbers and despise math, yet they understand the necessity of such to the business.


There are companies on the Internet who specialize in various methods of marketing. Hiring one of these companies to bring in business to your business is a great use of your advertising funds; much better than if you attempted to market your company on your own. These companies know exactly what to do in terms of content, design, message, and outlets.

SEO, or search engine optimization, is even specialized than other forms of marketing. Through this method, SEO companies make Bing, Google, and Yahoo work for you. They design their efforts to maximize your business’s online presence. By doing this, the search engines will find your business and list it within their search results. Even your small business can rank on the first page with the right campaign.

Web designer

Yes, there are seemingly an infinite number of customizable website templates out there for anyone to use. Problem with theses is that they all look the same. They all appear generic because everybody is using them. Your small business needs to stand out from your competition; you need to make a name for yourself! Using one of these templates may be more budget-friendly, but they are hurting you in the long run.

Hire a web designer who can create a unique look to your company’s website. They will apply color theory and design layout practices that make your site attractive and professional. Your website will reflect the image you want your business to have, whether yours is an online one or a brick and mortar one.

You may also need to refresh your website every so often. Visitors will get tired of seeing the same layout after a period of time. This could push them away from your business. Draw them back in with an updated look to your website. Keep things exciting for your clients and your sales will reflect that excitement.

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