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4 Pieces of technology no office should be without


So you’ve got an amazing business idea, one that you are sure will be successful. You’ve put together a clear and concise business plan. You have chosen where you will run your venture from. You have your short-term and long-term goals perfectly planned out. You feel as if you are ready to conquer the business world.

You may well feel ready to conquer the business world, but if you don’t have the right pieces of technology in place, your chances of success will dwindle – that’s a fact. There are certain technological cornerstones that no business in 2017 should try and function without. Wondering what these items are? Below is a checklist of four pieces of tech that absolutely no business should be without.

1. Webcam

The chances are that at one point or another, you are going to want to hold a virtual meeting. They save time and money, and are often much easier in terms of scheduling, as no one has to go anywhere, they can be held from the comfort of your office. The fact that virtual meetings are becoming more and more common in the business world means that every single business, regardless of shape or size, should have a webcam to hand. Often, these are built into modern computers and smart devices, but if not you can buy them separately.

2. Tablet

Tablets have become the new laptops, are increasingly able to do more and more. Ten years ago, every business owner carried a laptop wherever they went so that they could work while on the move, such as when commuting to and from their office. Today, however, tablets are becoming the more popular choice – they’re lighter, hold their charge longer, and can do just as much as a laptop can, all thanks to more and more apps being created each month. Then there’s the bonus of many tablets having internet signal provided by cell phone providers, meaning that they can even be used to go online while on the move without needing wifi access.

3. Photocopier

Some pieces of older technology are becoming obsolete but not photocopiers, instead, they are evolving with the times, the same can be said for printers. Today, both photocopiers and printers are very different to the devices from just a few years ago; most have touch screens, apps that can be used to connect to them, Bluetooth, and can connect to the internet and use it to improve efficiency and ease of use. The most important thing when it comes to selecting a copier is to pick a modern design, the same goes for printers, as it’s pointless investing in an older model as it won’t be an as effective piece of kit. You can learn how to select the best copier here, to ensure that you pick the right make and model for your needs. The same goes for printers, don’t rush the process, take your time and find that model that’s a perfect fit.

4. Portable storage

As well as utilising cloud technology to store important documents and data, it’s also worthwhile investing in portable storage. Back in the late nineties and early noughties, it was all about floppy disks, but today the best portable storage systems are hard drives or pen drives, depending on how much storage space is required. Before you invest in portable storage, ensure that you take the time to find the perfect device for your business’s needs

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