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4 reasons you can have a better career in a big city


There are so many people out there that struggle in their career. No matter how hard they try, they just can’t unlock their potential. I find that often the reason for this is that they’re restricting themselves geographically. If you’re living in a small town, your chances of work aren’t as great as someone living in a big city. So, that brings us onto the question, should you move to a big city to find work? I think you should, and here’s why:

Fresh start

Moving to a new city is a great chance for you to have a fresh start. You can say goodbye to your old life, and reinvent yourself in this big new city. When you live in a small town, there’s a big chance that everybody knows each other. When applying for jobs, you may have to work for people you knew as a kid. They could still have opinions on you that were formed years and years ago. If you move, no one in this new city has opinions of you. You can create new first impressions, and set yourself up for a great career.

Higher concentration of jobs

Big cities have the benefit of having a large population. This often means there are more businesses in a large city. Think of places like New York and Miami with their large business districts. You see loads of big companies setting up shop in big and popular cities around the country. Then, you have smaller businesses also looking to get in on the act. What does this mean? It means there’s a higher concentration of jobs in big cities. So, there are more jobs available, and more opportunities for you. Experts are also claiming that job growth is back  in big cities. Again, this just means there are even more jobs for you to apply for.

More networking opportunities

Climbing the career ladder is hard when you don’t know anybody. Finding work in a small town could be easy, but, your networking opportunities are limited. In a big city, you have so many chances to create a big network of contacts. Again, this goes back to my point about the plethora of jobs available. With so many businesses all in one place, it’s easy for you to form professional relationships. Stepping out for a coffee at lunch can end up with you bumping into people from other companies. You start networking, and these contacts can come in handy when you want to reach new heights.

Potentially higher salaries

The thing with big cities is that they have more resources than smaller towns. They’re also more popular, meaning more people visit there throughout the year. What this means is that their local economy tends to be very strong. In turn, this can lead to higher salaries for workers in the city. London is dominating the UK for that, and Sydney and Melbourne are doing the same in Australia. Recent reports of the highest-paid cities in the US have big cities dominating the list. So, if you make a move, it could mean you get a better salary.

As you can see, moving to a big city has many career benefits. If your career is stalling, maybe it’s time you moved somewhere new?

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