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Customer complaints: the customer service complaints you can prevent


There is no doubt that customers have higher expectations than ever before, but this is the nature of improving business structures, communication technology, and the art of customer service in general. With these high expectations come inevitable customer complaints, which you need to be able to handle and manage in the most effective way possible.

The top customer complaints you can prevent

By understanding some of the most common customer service complaints, you can put yourself in the strongest possible position to deal with them head-on, and turn them to your advantage.

1. Inability to Talk to a Real Person

It can be a useful time-saving initiative to get customers to answer their own queries on a frequently asked questions page. But, it’s important that you make real people available! One great option you can consider is to look for contact centers in the Philippines or in any company that you prefer and let their experts handle your customer concerns.  Often, people are happy to go onto a live chat function for the smaller questions and will call up with anything more complicated.

Make sure that your contact information is clearly listed on your website, as well as the hours in which you can be contacted. Check out this link for more information on monitoring your customer service performance to head off these customer complaints before they happen.

2. Taking Too Long to Respond

There is no doubt that we live in a world populated by highly impatient people, which means that you have to be particularly on the ball when answering customer questions and complaints, ensuring that you do it in a timely fashion. This means that you need to push more of your resources towards customer service. Another possible option is to outsource some of this function to an external company. Invest in customer service and you can seriously increase your customer satisfaction rate and reduce customer complaints considerably.

3. Unprofessional Customer Service Representatives

If you are going to outsource your customer service responsibilities, you need to ensure that everyone at the other end of the phone line or live chat functions is both knowledgeable and adept at their job, or you will simply increase the number of customer complaints.

A better way of ensuring this tends to be to employ the staff directly, but this obviously comes with a higher price tag too. Businesses are also realizing that they need to treat customer service representatives the right way as this is such a crucial arm of their business.

4. Failing to Address the Problem Directly

Again, a lot of this comes back to how well trained and experienced the customer service rep is, but it also speaks something about your business policy as a whole. If you are constantly giving your customers cut and paste answers, they are more likely to switch off and disengage from the entire customer service experience. Instead, you should train your agents to deal with problems directly as people are often on the lookout for proper answers and support.


Customer service complaints come in all shapes and sizes, but by knowing about some of the most common of the customer complaints like those listed above, you can prepare your company in the most effective way possible to communicate with a swathe of satisfied clients. Good customer service leads to increased customer retention and a better bottom line result.

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