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4 things no one tells you about being an entrepreneur


Having started Agent99 Public Relations eight years ago, as the Director I have gained years of experience being an ‘entrepreneur’. However, when I founded the business I wish I had someone to guide me and teach me about the issues that come with being a business owner.

While my company has grown to the point that it is now located in a converted warehouse office at the heart of ‘agency land’ in Sydney’s Surry Hills with a staff of six, I have learned a lot in my years of being a rookie entrepreneur. Below are four important facts that all entrepreneurs should be aware of before they start their own business.

Here are the 4 things no-one tells you about being an entrepreneur

How to keep a reasonable work life balance

When you have a passion for your job, it’s easy to let it take over your life. Aspiring entrepreneurs need to know that there is more to life than their businesses.  Having a ‘normal’ work life balance is important.  Not just for your staff, but for you too.

Without having an appropriate work life balance, I wouldn’t have the opportunity to watch my son grow up, as well as have important ‘me’ time. Each week I try to have at least one evening where I do something that doesn’t involved work or my family. Currently, I attend a weekly drama class that allows me disconnect from the outside work and explore another life passion.

The importance of knowing when to say no

Learning how to say no is imperative to growing your business, as not all clients are the right fit. As an entrepreneur you will encounter many exciting opportunities, especially when the business hits its stride. Despite this, I firmly believe in the importance of knowing when to say no to certain opportunities.

I’ve had to make tough decisions at Agent99 where we turned down potential clients to avoid having my staff be overworked which ultimately results in under delivery on the accounts.  They are only human after all. These decisions never get easy, but young entrepreneurs need to know when to say no to avoid biting off more than they can chew.

Using setbacks as learning experiences

A core element of growth is learning from your mistakes. Many entrepreneurs take setbacks personally.  However, they forget that these things happen in business. All smart business owners should use these setbacks as valuable experiences to ultimately further their company.

People’s lives depend on you

Something that I only realised in the last few years is that as a business owner multiple people’s lives are dictated by you as you are the boss. No longer are you just thinking about yourself, but your decisions in business affects and impacts a series of people.

Remembering this, for me, is part of why I have a drive to succeed, so that I can better the lives of my staff. Similarly, it is also why I keep myself healthy and happy. Tactics such as the aforementioned work life balance, is how I remain work ready and able to run a company.

Each of these small aspects are just part of what makes up the exciting and dynamic life of an entrepreneur.

About Sharon Zeev Poole

Sharon Zeev Poole, Agency Director of Agent99 Public Relations: Sharon Zeev Poole, the Director of highly regarded boutique agency Agent99 Public Relations, has grown the agency from a one-man show to a full service, award-winning PR agency located in the thriving creative hub of Surry Hills, Sydney. The agency specialises in launching or relaunching brands in the food, beverage and travel spaces, as well as working with corporates and individuals to raise their profile in the B2B space. Sharon has worked all over the world on high profile brands such as Warner Bros. Pictures and Starbucks Coffee. Today, the agency has an enviable list of lifestyle, consumer and corporate clients including William Grant & Sons (Glenfiddich, Hendrick’s Gin, Monkey Shoulder), Buderim Ginger, Hunter Valley Gardens and many more. An agency built on strong strategic and creative credentials, Agent99 is in constant pursuit of the unconventional, routinely implementing bold brand campaigns that capture national attention in unexpected ways. Agent99 has been recognised for its work, earning itself several award nominations including Finalist in the 2017 Mumbrella Commson Awards for Launch or Relaunch Campaign of the Year for their work on the Buderim Ginger ‘Ginger Pride Rally’, Finalist standings in the 2015 Mumbrella Commson Awards (Boutique PR Agency of the Year and Launch or Relaunch Campaign of the Year) and PRIA’s Medium PR Agency of the Year and Consumer Marketing Campaign of the Year, which was also Commended nationally. With a strong philosophy on giving back, Sharon often guest lectures to Marketing (Masters) and MBA students at the University of New South Wales, as a means of informing and encouraging students who are hoping to break into the industry.

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