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4 ways to expand your career overseas


Expanding your career abroad can offer a number of enriching experiences and opportunities for professional growth. Not only can you align your profession with your traveling aspirations, but you can thrive and profit in the process. As an International Wedding Planner and Event Producer, I have garnered some of the most memorable life experiences through my profession. My companies Kis (cubed) Events, S3 Catering, Glam Squad and Bridal Elements by Nirjary Desai, have delivered the ‘WOW’ factor to clients and top brands in the U.S., India, London, the Caribbean and beyond.

The connections I have fostered around the globe have contributed to a decade of success in pursuing my passions. In addition, I have found immense inspiration creatively from the cultures of different countries, and this has influenced my unique flare for event design.   It is imperative to think outside of the box as it relates to your professional goals, and not limit yourself to your local sphere of influence. Know that there is a big world out there, and billions of people that can use your skill-set. Here are the top 4 ways that you can expand your career abroad!

 1. Network online

LinkedIn is an amazing tool that connects professionals around the world. I deal with a lot of suppliers who are overseas and LinkedIn has helped me to tap into the network of vendors I need to contact for the destination weddings that my company produces. Social media is also a huge tool to locate and connect directly with key professionals around the world. On Instagram you can utilize key hashtags to locate specific businesses or potential clients that could use your services. For example if you are looking to connect with bloggers in Dubai, simply search hashtag #DubaiBlogger.


2. Set goals & take risks

When elevating to the next level professionally, know that whatever you put in, is what you will get out of.   Set specific goals with deadlines, and fervently commit to completing them. Don’t allow fear to interrupt your process and be willing to take the necessary business risks involved with achieving your goals. Also consider partnering with a professional in a similar industry locally, that may be interested in expanding their career abroad. Having a business-related travel partner to explore new terrain with, can assist you in reaching your goals more quickly.


3. Seize opportunities

Look for opportunities to not only grow yourself professionally, but expanding yourself to a world that you haven’t had the chance to explore. If you have dreamed of traveling to Dubai for example, research the ways in which your professional skill set can be utilized in that market. Next create a concrete plan to connect with potential clients there. There may be particular events or business conventions that you can attend, to build in-person connections with potential clients or businesses in that region.


4. Sell your skills

The economy worldwide is challenging, but remember to sell the value in what you’re offering. Don’t allow the changes in currency to affect the pricing of your services. The economy affects purchasing power, but not decision making. If you sell the value of your skills or services, you too can soon have clients and projects in motion around the world!

About Nirjary Desai

Global visionary Nirjary Desai has upped the ante in the world of event production and wedding coordination over the past decade. Born in Ndola, Zambia, she grew up in South Carolina and later moved to London, to pursue her MBA in International Marketing & Management. Her distinctive vision and business acumen has garnered features on Bravo TV, the Wedding Channel, Harpers Bazaar Bride India, Huffington Post and Glambitious Magazine. She can also be seen making a guest appearance in the film "Meet The Patels".

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