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5 barriers for business women: brand


Being a woman in a man’s (business) world is tough. Women have a bigger range of barriers to face — and often no-one to help us navigate through them.

We’re outlining the five most common barriers in a series that will explain what they are and how to smash through them.

The first of those barriers that block women from reaching that level of serious success is ‘brand’.

Barriers of the business woman: you don’t have a brand

This is the most common barrier for women in all walks of life, business and career. Not understanding or knowing your personal brand means you have no way of projecting or promoting that brand to the world.

You may think you know what idea you project to the business world, but it isn’t until you start to dissect yourself, your dreams and your surroundings that you can properly craft a strong and unique brand that will stand the test of time.

Your brand can be developed in 5 steps.  And each stage requires you to be brutally honest.

1. Values

What do you BELIEVE in? For example, if you lost everything overnight, what is your core belief system that will get you out of bed the next day to start all over again.

2. Passion

What gets you going.  Which topics get you all fired up and passionate? THIS is what you need to remember at all times. Your goal is to increasingly integrate this into your life and business in the future

3. Purpose

Where do you see yourself in 12 months to five years. Be honest, ladies. Don’t tell yourself what others expect you to say. Say WHAT YOU REALLY WANT.

4. Attitude

A positive attitude can change your entire day, week and life. Get yourself into a habit to implement tools that will keep you happy and focused.

5. 6 words

Now you need to write two lists. The first list is 6 words describing you. Based on your views and also what friends and family say. Then the second list is how you WANT to be perceived/who you want to be. If there are discrepancies, then take the steps necessary to do what is needed to become the words on list two.

Here is a video to help you go through the steps one by one.

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