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Business ideas for home: 5 best ideas for home parents and single moms


With the level of job saturation in the market, the rate of unemployment seems to soar high. Following that, if you are looking for business ideas for home staying parents and single moms seeking an opportunity for an income stream, you need to get your creative juices flowing. 52% of U.S companies are based on home businesses, and continue to thrive, setting precedents for others to follow.

According to the Gallup World Poll,13% of moms in the whole world are single, and this number increases rapidly. All single moms are facing similar problems, and the most concerning ones are financial issues. In fact, the financial side is usually a beneficial part of single mothers’ lives because it is vital to have a proper amount of money in order to maintain the child. Financial problems lead to the inability to take care of your child and yourself and, consequently, to live a full life. That is why many single moms have a dream to become a businesswoman and create a wonderful life for their little families.

However, some of them are scared of setting up their own businesses because it is an unexplored field for them. Nevertheless, there is always a way out! In this article, we will introduce business ideas for home that will suit home-staying parents and single mothers who crave to be a businesswoman.

First of all, with business ideas for home, it is important to state some advantages of being a businesswoman if you are a single mother:
1. You can create the most suitable schedule for you. Your timetable could be flexible, balanced, and independent because it depends only on yourself.
2. Forget about any bosses. You do not need to rely on anybody anymore because you are a leader for yourself!
3. You can assign yourself a vacation or sick leave at any time. There is no need to fiddle with papers and worry that your boss will not let you go somewhere because he is in a bad mood.
4. As a single mother, you have fewer responsibilities, except for your kids. You do not need to spend energy, nerves, and time with your husband. Unfortunately, quarrels are sometimes present in married people’s lives, and, what is more, they make you feel exhausted. Guide this energy in the right direction — on your own business!
5. You realize that your family’s life depends only on you, so you can rely exceptionally on yourself. This feeling is extremely inspiring because you do not have hopes that one day somebody would come and help you.

5 best business ideas for home staying parents and single moms

1. Home based-bakery or catering services

Start small and then think and dream big. The first thing that comes to our mind when we think of woman empowering themselves to do a certain something, is excelling in their domestic affairs. And if this natural in-born talent can be taken to new heights so why not nurture this talent. You can cook and bake in your kitchen with a minimal initial investment, as you wouldn’t have to rent a space or even venture out for that matter. If you think you can serve the culinary industry in the long run, you can start with serving your immediate social circle and then move in to marketing your home-based business. Word of mouth is the best form of advertisement.

2. Freelancing

The freelance market has escalated quite quickly in the past few years as 53 million people of the US population alone are freelancing, which account for 34% of the national workforce. The trend for freelancing is fuelled by the flexibility in schedule and convenience which freelancers get and stay-at-home moms are one of the most eligible candidates for this. Furthermore, a study reveals that 40% of the American workforce i.e 60 million people will be working as independent-freelancers, sub-contractors or temporary employees. You could write about something you are passionate about or have in-depth knowledge, and put them up for sale on So you see, people have already adopted this trend and are making it viral.

3. Event planner

Have you ever been praised for your people management skills and the ability to organize and contribute creative ideas for a festive occasion or a friend’s birthday? If you feel you have the creative streak that outshines others at almost every other party, why not capitalize on it and become an event planner? Volunteer for making the arrangements, doing research on the most apt pricing and décor arrangements and you will see yourself making money in no time by charging per hour or per project for your distinguished services. After all, all it will take is to get your creative juices flowing. This could range from planning a birthday party to a full-fledged vacation.

4. Virtual assistant

This is where fresh startups and entrepreneurs take advantage and opt for virtual assistance as they cannot gather or collect the budget or space to house full-time employees. Hence, hiring virtual assistants not only are costs minimized but employment opportunities are also created. If you carry out a survey on a few small businesses in your locality, you are sure to fend yourself a job which could entail carrying out clerical to technical jobs. And the fact that the future of digital marketing seems quite bright, you can leverage its power to serve companies in different capacities and aid in content management for instance.

5. Online stores

With social media taking over our lives from all aspects, we can choose how to use it wisely and in our best interest. You can easily set up an online store of ‘slightly used’ items, be it clothing, furniture or electronic gadgets. Or you could make and sell gift baskets or some unique sort of handicrafts that will fetch a reasonable price in the market. You know your capabilities best and you can market yourself in the best possible manner. Take pictures of your handmade items and share them on social media as much as possible to gain the needed exposure.

If you’re a consummate crafter, consider selling your handicrafts in online marketplaces or your own website. You can make handmade accessories and gift items using high-quality beads and semiprecious gemstones. This type of business does not need huge capital investment, so you can launch your business in no time and start earning.

By the way, it is obvious that a new business requires some budget. There is a great solution for novice businesswomen — Fit My Money — a fantastic website that provides information about the best unsecured loans. Undoubtedly, it would be helpful for you to get introduced to it and choose the best option for your enterprise.

In the end, it’s all about your will and intention to invest the required time and energy to make your dream of earning through home-based startups into a reality. It’s how well you network and turn your interests and hobbies into a self-sustaining business. The sense of achievement which you will feel, will know no limits. It will serve as a motivation to pursue your career goals even after settling down and having a family.


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