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5 business tools you must have


As is the case in any business or trade, having all the tools can make your job a lot easier. This applies even to the accounting for your brand. For any aspiring businesses, here is the financial toolbox that you will need in order to handle all things money-related.

Financial calculator

For dealing with figures and monetary processes, it sometimes pays to have a specialist financial calculator. You can buy a physical one or simply buy an app and have it on your smartphone at all times.

Accountancy software

Don’t waste your time slaving over spreadsheets. Invest in some decent accounting software to keep on top of your taxes and expenses. Most of this software can speed up long-winded processes to the click of a mouse. Accountants can also more easily check your books, as many are trained in this software (such software can do all the accountancy for you but it’s still good to have a human accountant on call to make sense of the complexities).

Some accountancy software can be operated on a smartphone, giving you on-the-go access to facts and figures that might be useful when dealing with staff and clients. Those really wanting to move with the times can embrace cloud-operated accountancy software.


Having a quick books check or two handy can help when making big one-off payments to services such as electricians, deep cleaning teams and computer technicians. It’s safer than cash-in-hand – which involves taking out lots of notes – and has to go through the books making accountancy easier for both parties afterwards. It also saves having to exchange card details for what may be a one-off transaction.

Portable card reader

Giving clients the option to pay by credit or debit can speed up some transactions. Some obvious businesses such as restaurants should always invest in these as they allow you to go to customers at their tables and get them to pay, without them having to leave their seats. However, portable card readers can also come in handy for market stall owners, street sales teams, handyman companies and delivery companies. Even having one on your office desk might be able to secure sale with a client more quickly.


A tablet might not seem like your go-to accountancy tool, but it can in fact have many financial applications. Its size and shape make it equal to that of your average document. Smartphones can be too small to show clients and staff documents and laptops can be too awkward in some on-the-go situations. A tablet is far better suited for this purpose. Electronic signature apps allow you to get clients to signs documents electronically. These documents can be uploaded to the cloud where someone in the office can store or process them immediately. This can’t be done with paper documents (you also have the added worry of paper documents going missing or getting damaged). Other documents that you can display on tablet include emails, registration forms, designs, case studies and legal documents.

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