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5 Content marketing strategies to grow your business


In today’s competitive marketplace, launching and growing a business presents many challenges. One of the most effective ways to promote your brand, reach new audiences and gain clients is through content marketing.Content marketing typically yields a solid return on investment – for little expense, you can drive traffic to your site and gain new business leads and clients.  Below are several easy ways to grow your business through content marketing.

1. Blog regularly

Including a blog platform on your business website is a great way to drive traffic and leads.  Posting new content to your blog on a weekly basis will help boost search engine rankings, raise your online profile, and expand your readership (and ultimately your client base). Actively sharing insights, offering your professional perspective on relevant matters, and answering questions that potential customers frequently ask will help draw in readers and expand your audience.

2. Post on social media

In the 21st century, social media is king. If you want to portray your company as a modern, up-to-date business that is involved in the world at largeand reach younger generations, then an active social media presence is essential. Social media gives you a direct line to clients and potential clients. Consider starting with one major platform – such as Facebook or Twitter – and build your social media presence there.Since it is better to have one active social media account than many inactive ones, you can start small and grow your social media followers over time.

3. Leverage the power of email

Email is an easy, free and powerful way to build an audience and gain new clients.

According to a recent survey by the Content Marketing Institute, 93% of marketers state that email is the most important channel for distributing content.  Leverage your client email lists to communicate news about new products, services and offerings.  Create a monthly email newsletter that features your best content and distribute it to subscribers.  As your subscriber base grows, so will your opportunities to convert subscribers to customers.

4. Create engaging videos

While some people prefer to consume information through the written word, others prefer to consume information visually.  Video content is gaining traction across the web as a way to inspire, educate and communicate with potential clients. Creating a quick, three-minute video is easier than ever with today’s tech tools.  Video content is also a great way for clients to put a face with a name and build trust. Adding a video to your landing page can help the page rank higher in search engines and increase conversions by up to 80%. Video content is also among the most shared content across the web.

5. Grow your business through content marketing

Content marketing is one of the most powerful tools in a business owner’s toolbox to grow a business. Try one or more of the methods above to raise brand awareness, increase customer engagement and expand your client base.Business owners who consistently leverage the power of content marketing can generate measurable results and reach new heights.

About Sally Kane

Sally Kane is a lawyer and content director forPaperStreet, a digital marketing agency that helps businesses with marketing, SEO and web design. She has been writing on business and marketing topics since 2004 and her work has appeared in media outlets around the world. Sally is passionate about helping women launch, expand, market and manage their businesses. Follow her on Twitter

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