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5 Fashion tips based on the style of women leaders and CEOs


In the last decade, women have made real headway by climbing the ranks and becoming the leaders of some of the world’s foremost companies, and in addition, countries. The significance of style and fashion might be overlooked in the world of business, but it actually plays quite an important role. It’s through your style, after all, that you can create a sharp, powerful, and confident aesthetic that gives your business world the perfect first impression regarding how you conduct business. While understanding how to use your style advantageously takes some time to perfect, with a little bit of knowledge it becomes much easier. In this article, we provide five fashion tips based on the style of women CEOs who are always dressed for success.

1. Consider your work environment

When many of us think of a powerful business executive, we typically see them in an extremely corporate environment. However, the reality is more and more women who are business leaders have careers in start-ups where the atmosphere is more casual. In both cases, it’s important to understand how to adapt to the environment to able to put together polished outfits that fit the situation. Whitney Wolfe, for example, who is the founder of the ultra-successful Bumble dating app, is regularly seen wearing fitted jeans together with a stylish t-shirt and blazer combination—which is perfect for the start-up setting that she’s in.

2. What colors define you?

There’s no need to always stick to darker shades like black or navy just because they’re considered more business-appropriate. For every person, there’s a palette of colors that work best for them. Colors can exude sophistication as long as they’re not overly bright. The right shades will complement your skin tone, so take some time which colors match that. Fashion designer and businesswoman Victoria Beckham, who loves more neutral shades of pink and blue, is the queen of choosing the right colors to bolster her appearance.

3. A dress is always a good idea

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not all about the power-suit when it comes to dressing like a CEO. In addition to creating an elegant appearance, dresses are also a great way of channeling your femininity in a powerful way. Go for modest hemlines that are perfectly tailored and feature luxurious fabrics. A pearl bracelet or a pair of pearl earrings are the perfect accessories to complement a dress—the pearls add a classy touch without being too flashy. Despite the super formal settings she’s always in, super-lawyer Amal Clooney regularly opts for perfectly-tailored dresses in different colors and patterns that ooze of refinement.

4. The perfect rotation of shoes

Whether you’re presenting at a conference, meeting with potential clients, or closing business deals around town, there’s a perfect pair of shoes for every occasion. When it comes to shoes, never overlook comfort! However, with that said, there are a variety of work shoes that give you comfort without sacrificing an ounce of style. Our favorites include a pair of leather loafers, suede ankle boots, and a classic pair of black heels. With a rotation that includes chic oxfords, patterned loafers, and black pumps, CEO of Net-a-Porter Natalie Massenet always has a pair of shoes that match her outfit and appropriate to the event she’s attending.

5. Have the wardrobe staples ready to go

In every businesswoman’s life, time is a limited resource. As a result, it’s not always possible to spend extended amounts of time contemplating what to wear. Therefore, it’s important to be stocked up on work wardrobe essentials so that you can still look your finest in situations where you have to rush out of the house. This list of wardrobe essentials includes pencil skirts, crisp shirts, fitted black pants, and a couple of blazers. As far as accessories, a sleek yet practical work bag is absolutely necessary, in addition to the jewelry and shoes we covered earlier.

While mastering workplace fashion isn’t easy, we’re fortunate to have a growing number of woman CEOs and business leaders who can show us how it’s done. The fashion tips that we’ve covered here will help you look and feel your best as you progress in your career. By understanding what to wear and how to wear it, you’ll have the confidence in yourself that is necessary to be a leader in the work world.

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