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5 great businesses with products made from recycling


Recycling is big business. Some creative entrepreneurs have taken it the extra mile, inventing entire new purposes out of pre-existing items, making new products out of old products. Here are some examples of such products that are currently worldwide successes – and could give you ideas for your own new business venture!

Bottle candle holders

We’re all encouraged to recycle our old glass containers. However, few have the bottle to make money out of these commonplace empty wine vessels. I imagine the great idea to turn to turn wine bottles into candle holders was though up during a drinking session. Instead of dismissing it the morning after like most of us do with our drunken ideas, someone actually decided to follow through with the idea and, low and behold, there is now a growing market for bottle candle holders.

Vinyl products

When a lot of people’s old records start warping, the first reaction is to throw them in the trash. However, other keen-eyed businessmen have decided instead to turn these unusable records into something newly usable. Such products include vinyl ashtrays, vinyl clocks and even vinyl cake stands! You can have a look at a selection of some of the recycled vinyl products on offer here.

Skateboard furniture

If you’re a boarder with an old or broken deck, why not turn it into furniture? Many skaters have made use of their old boards turning them into chairs, stools, swings and shelves. There’s a whole market dedicated to skateboard furniture with some items going for a lot of money. In many cases, you don’t even need to do much modification to the board – the rustic look makes it all the more appealing to buyers.

Party buses

For those with a little more money sitting in their pocket, why not go the extra mile — and buy a bus! For those considering a private transport business, forget a limousine and start your own nightclub-on-wheels. Their added space makes them ideal for transporting parties of people around, more so than a limousine or minibus, which also means you can charge higher rates. The process works by taking an old public transport bus, and recycling it by taking out all the interior and refurbishing it as a luxury vehicle. Party buses have taken off all around the world, with some companies owning fleets of buses. Read GOGO Charters guide to starting a party bus company for more info.

Container homes

Arguably one of the most brilliant conversion ideas ever devised, the container home is a residential house made entirely of shipping containers. For those finding it difficult to get on the property ladder, buying a couple containers and converting them can be the cheapest option. There are businesses dedicated to converting containers into homes, kitting them out with electricity, heating and running water. Providing you own the land and have planning permission, you can practically place a container home wherever you desire, using as many as you like to create the perfect size/shape home for you. For many, these mortgage-free customisable homes offer a freedom that standard residential housing cannot provide.

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