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The 5 ingredients you need for social media success


There are a handful of companies in the world that are so inherently interesting that they don’t need to overthink their social media approach: their product or service can do all the work. Alas, this isn’t the case for most of us. We have to work hard to build our followers list. While there are many different approaches you can take to your social media campaign, most of the successful ones will follow a variation of the same method. Companies large and small can all adopt the five ingredients outlined below and come out with social media pages that are engaging, interesting, and attractive to followers.

The story

The story of your social media page is beneficial to both you and your followers. It gives you an angle from which you can base your social media approach, and it provides stability and expectation for your followers. It is the anchor that allows you to experiment with your posts; so long as you stay true to your story, you’re fine. Picking the story you’ll tell isn’t easy, however. Choose a tone and a general outline, and go from there. And remember: it only has to be linked to your branding, not your actual product or service.


Think of why you would use social media or the internet in general, and then incorporate those requirements into your pages. People won’t be visiting your social media pages because they love everything about your company (though wouldn’t that be nice?); they’ll be there because it’s beneficial to them in some way. One way you can add value to their lives is through education. If you sell, say, office supplies, then offer tips on how to keep a home office organized. If you sell kitchen supplies, then provide recipes.


Every company in the world can be exciting. Indeed, many of the world’s biggest companies are boring; they’ve just sold themselves in a way that isn’t. Add a touch of excitement to your social media channels by being bold and creative. If you’re creating a video for your company (and you should, by the way: video is the hottest thing there is right now), make it stand out from the crowd by making it 360 or using a service like Rotor View aerial cinematography to get those jaw dropping shots. The aim of your content should be to engage and inspire, and you’ll find it difficult to achieve either if you’re doing the same as everybody else.


Laughter is the fastest way to get a person interested in your company. If you can make them laugh, then the battle for their affection has been won. However, you don’t have to go overkill in trying to make people howl: a lightness of touch and general humorous tone will go a long way.

Listen and engage

And finally, remember that social media isn’t a microphone: it’s a conversation. If you want your customers and followers to engage with you, then you need to engage with them.

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