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5 Intranet benefits every business woman should know about


Business has changed significantly in the past few decades. The innovative technology available to any aspiring business women with time, a laptop, and an internet connection has made woman entrepreneurship boom. For instance, a large part of the industry market share are women-owned businesses and mompreneurs.

With businesses growing and technology being introduced to many business processes, it is ideal for business owners to look for tech that will endure the test of time and technology. Intranet software is this technology. And intranet can revolutionize a lot of business operations.

In fact, CEOs and managers are amazed by how fast intranet can increase business bottom lines. You can learn more about intranet definition and begin the consideration process. So to start, here are five intranet benefits every business woman should consider for 2020. Let’s dive in!

1. Intranet can take team engagement to the next level

Having a more engaged team can positively impact the growth and success of your business, regardless of industry. This makes intranet software a must, because this technology can be a very fast solution for increasing engagement for your company.

For instance, your team can be present with other teams, departments, and managers in one commonly shared space within your business network. When everyone is in a shared space, engagement goes up. And when engagement goes up, speed of project completion follows.

2. Teams have direct chat at their fingertips

Another key benefit of technology implemented into everyday business processes is the ability for teams to contact one another directly in real-time. Intranet software provides this. This helps businesses streamline communication using direct chat.

Direct chat at your teams’ fingertips allow them to share files, collaborate quickly, address issues, and more. They can even create groups within the chat platform to communicate per project and make real-time business decisions that will help grow your business and meet client needs faster. Direct chat is also better than email, because team members can communicate better without the long email threads where important information can easily get lost.

3. Collaboration becomes a top priority

With new communication channels in place, you and your team can focus on making collaboration part of the overall company culture. The good news is that collaboration comes easy with intranet integration to your business processes.

For instance, teams can collaborate on daily tasks, as well as long-term projects that are very detailed. And don’t forget about the file sharing and even screencasts to make explainer videos. Let your team paint clear pictures of projects together with strong team collaboration at scale.

“More effective problem solving happens when you combine resources in talent, experience, finances and infrastructure,” an Inc. article explained. “Sharing and leveraging those resources means that your reach to new markets increases and re-energizes the connection you have with established customers.”

4. Faster client delivery with enhanced project management

One of the biggest problems growing businesses face is project management. The more your business grows, the more complex it becomes to track and manage project tasks, deadlines, and ultimately project completion. But with technology, like intranet software, you can make project management easy as your grow.

For example, you and your team can track all projects in real-time with the ability to track individual tasks and subtasks given to specific teams. Managers can also get a strong overview of project progress using project management tools. Meet client needs, track project lifecycles, and keep your team on track with project management via intranet software.

5. Leverage more remote working opportunities

With the workforce becoming more remote every passing year, it is critical for your business to stay competitive. But how do you keep your business growing while managing a number of remote teams and outsourced staff around the globe? Intranet software.

Having all of the above points in place, like communication, direct messaging, project management, and team engagement, making remote work, work for you, is easy. Having remote working opportunities can also expand your employee candidate pool and increase retention rates, allowing you to keep top performing team members on your payroll, and not your competitors’.

How will your company leverage intranet software for growth and success in the coming years?

Implementing intranet software into your business processes can have a direct impact on your bottom line in a variety of ways. You can push products and/or services to market faster, improve customer satisfaction, grow team communication at every level, and make project management easy. The above points will get your business moving in a powerful direction. Are you ready to streamline and grow your business?

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