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5 life lessons from Hillary Clinton’s style


There are thousands of articles and countless books on ‘How to dress like Hillary Clinton’ that all distil down to one point: Hillary Rodham Clinton is the unequivocal President of Sass.

Hillary Clinton’s style sends powerful messages, silencing the United Nations with one flick of her fringe.  A political, social and style leader, she is overall an unabashed Attitude Icon.

What can we learn from the scrunchie-toting philanthropist who emerged from the biggest sex scandal in American presidential history, sassier than ever?

Here are three life lessons learned through the Senator’s style:

Stick by your friends

And no, we are not talking about that man.  When the entire fashion world was courting the former First Lady, Hillary stuck by the designers she’d supported for years, namely Donna Karan and Oscar de la Renta.  Unfazed by the allure of free couture, Hillary has committed to staying loyal to her true friends, rather than being a fair-weather fashionista.

Back yourself

It’s a fact: Hillary never met a pantsuit that she didn’t like.  Were pantsuits at the height of fashion for the last 40 years that Hillary rocked them?  No. However, she proudly identifies as a ‘pantsuit aficionado’ and a ‘hair icon’ in her Twitter bio. Hillary once joked that her book would be called ‘The Scrunchie Chronicles’ to celebrate her unwavering dedication to the universally-regarded daggy accessory.

Use every opportunity

Rather than shun away from the attention, Hillary uses the public’s fascination with her style as a platform to talk about more important issues.  During a recent Vogue interview, Hillary seamlessly segued from serums to Syria.

Focus on what you can change

Hillary was once quoted as saying: “I wish I was taller and thinner, but with hair you can do something about”.  This pragmatism is evident in every one of Hillary’s pursuits; she identifies areas that need changing, and focuses on how to do it.  Hillary chooses her battles wisely, which has been integral to her political success.

Don’t take yourself too seriously

Being magazine fodder for decades, Hillary laughs along with the press, reportedly enjoying Amy Poehler’s imitation of her (signature pantsuit and all) on Saturday Night Live.  Hillary, in her sternest tone was quoted by one fashion magazine as saying “I’m undaunted in my quest to amuse myself by constantly changing my hair”.  Best of all, Hillary teaches us that she’s a woman, first and foremost. And one with admirable doses of attitude.


About Anna James

Anna James is a Brisbane-based journalist who cut her teeth in sports reporting. Currently focusing on business commentating, Anna James contributes to the Business Woman Media and Following her passion for the human interest angle, Anna’s work has been published across a wide range of media including Mamamia, Fox Sports, Woman’s Day, FilmInk Magazine and many others.

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