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5 mistakes to avoid in 2016


Okay, so it’s the time of year when people are making resolutions about all the things they plan to do over the coming 12 months — and we wish you the best with every one of those goals. But it’s also time to look at things to NOT do, if you want to achieve serious success in the business world.

Have a good, hard look at the year just past. Were there mistakes you made, or bad habits you fell into, that became a hurdle to your success?

Here are the top 5 mistakes you should avoid for 2016….

1. Sharing your goals

Having goals is very important. In fact, it’s crucial … if you don’t have any you’ll go nowhere fast. Having goals and staying focused is what you need to do, but telling them to everyone you meet is foolish.
Don’t assume people want to see you succeed. They don’t. In fact, most like to see you NOT reach your goals. Yes, it doesn’t actually advance their own path, but many people feel better about themselves if those around them are doing worse. And they will often sabotage you by using information you let slip.
So stay quiet about your detailed plans for world domination and just release the information you need to in order to move to the next step.

2. Spreading yourself too thin

If you’re an ideas person this will resonate with you. Focus on three key things at any given time. Then break that down and delegate them as much as possible.
If you want a new challenge then ask yourself what you will remove to make way for it.  It might sound like this would limit you, but in fact it is the opposite. Better to complete three things at 100% than 10 things at 30%

3. Not having a routine

There is a reason the most successful people have routines (and stick to them). Serious success rarely comes about in an ad hoc way… it takes plans, routine, and discipline, discipline, discipline…
Even the most casual research into the habits of successful people will show there is an emphasis on early morning starts, exercise and structure. If you’re not a morning person then maybe it’s time to start!
An example of morning routines of successful women can be found here.

4. Not taking risks

The worst thing you can do is not take a risk. Certainly, we all have different tolerances for risk, but it’s a tolerance you can — and need to — develop if you want to move forward.
If you’re ambitious and have big goals, if you want to be successful above all else, then you need to get comfortable taking risks.  Before you do, ask a trusted and experienced advisor what they think. Taking risks is one thing, taking a risk that isn’t strategic could ruin you for good.

5. Ignoring your instincts

Functioning crystal balls don’t exist outside fantasy fiction. But we all have inbuilt instincts, based on our past experience, ability to read situations, and knowledge of people. How many times have you regretted not listening to your gut instincts? This year make sure you turn the volume up on what you naturally possess … The ability to make decisions you know are right and also to say no to things that are wrong, purely by paying attention to your gut.

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