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5 online courses you should take to be a better manager


A management position is a great step up, but it shouldn’tmark the top of your careerladder. Management can be extremely demanding, and will take up a lot of your time.With online courses, you’ll be able to learn around your work schedule. These courses make the impossible possible, and there are plenty you should look into when you want to keep climbing.

1. Conflict Resolution

Conflict resolution is far from the most glamourous part of a management job, but it may be the most necessary. You’ll never get anything accomplished if everyone is butting heads, and these arguments are a common result of people with conflicting ideas working together. When you learn the power of conflict resolution, you’ll be able to turn these disputes into the foundation required for great ideas. Helping everyone work together can facilitate true innovation.

2. Project Management Courses

There are many routes to a management position, and not all of them include a pit stop as a project manager. Nevertheless, the skills you learn as a project manager will translate well into any management position. When you take online courses for project management, you’ll be learning how to build and handle diverse teams that possess the collective wealth of experience you’ll need to get things done.

3. Employee Retention

You may have heard it said before that employees don’t quit jobs – they quit managers. While recruiting and retaining employees is partially the responsibility of HR, you should be considering the steps you can take to make the process easier. You’ll need to be able to recognize when employees are unhappy, especially if they’re feeling overworked. Your employees will appreciate you more and have a greater respect for their jobs once you learn to meet them halfway.

4.Finance Courses

Finance courses might seem like an odd choice for a non-financial manager, but you may be surprised what good they can do. By taking a finance course, you’ll gain a better understanding of what’s going on higher up within your company. That understanding can help you translate these happenings to your employees, keeping them in the loop. You don’t need to be a CFO in order to be able to convey the same messages as one. You just need to be able to interpret the lingo.

5. Communication

There are all different kinds of communication courses, but managers would benefit from those that emphasize diplomatic skills and constructive criticism. Employees often feel friction with managers who communicate in a way that feels far removed from their positions. They need to be able to recognize that you’re on the same team, even if you’re working from the top of that team. What you say is just as important as how you say it, making it crucial that you learn the art of mastering your workplace language.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with feeling complacent in your management position, especially not if you truly love the work you do. It’s important to remember that your current position doesn’t need to be the end of the line – especially if you’re seeking more. Taking an online course can help you open new doors to greater opportunities, allowing you to work your way up!

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