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5 Reasons why NO product is too boring for video


Think your product isn’t glamorous enough for video? Think again. We come across a lot of brands who think that their products aren’t worthy of a video, that somehow they are not glamorous enough for video. The truth is that as long as your product is solving someone’s problem, it will be more than video-worthy. If you produce a video review of it, it will not only generate a return on investment, it will perpetually sell more of said product. Here’s 5 reasons why: 

Conversion rates

There’s no denying that video increases conversion rates. Studies have shown that it can increase conversion by up to 80% on a splash page. Whilst we have seen some huge successes of our own, the average conversion increase our videos provide is a healthy fourfold conversion for online retailers.

Having your product do its thing on video nudges consumers take that extra step to secure a purchase. Customers want to see products in action, and short of physically touching your product, a video will cover all the pre-purchase objections they may have. 

Problem solving

One of THE most engaging videos that has ever lived on the world wide web is about an electric blanket. I love telling this story to people who think their product isn’t glamorous enough. I don’t care how mundane you think your product is, it cannot beat a blanket in the vanilla stakes!

As I said earlier, if your product solves someone’s problem, then there’s a compelling story to be told about it. And no better way to tell it than through video.


If you were to consider all videos that exist online and rank them in order of how engaging they are, the electric blanket video would rank in the top 2% or 3% of videos ever made!

This video has an 84% average engagement record. That means that pretty much every person in the world who watches this video watches the whole thing. To put that into perspective, Vidyard (a leading video agency in America) has reported that only the top 5% of online videos record an average engagement level of 77% or more.


The reason why engagement is important to retailers is because it measures how much prospective customers are connecting with your brand.

No matter how small, trivial or mundane a product may be, there are people out there wanting to buy it! People being the operative word in that sentence.

Even in the online world, people buy from people and there’s no better way to build trust than through a video. Once you’ve built that trust through objective information about your product you’ll start getting more than customers, you’ll start generating advocates for your brand! 


Buying is all about emotion. You can A/B test and optimise all you want, but if you’re not tapping into your customer’s emotion and building trust with your customers then you’re not really harnessing the true powers available to you. Powers that mean increased revenue and powers that come so easily through video.

About Michael Langdon'

Sydney-based Michael Langdon is the founder of Levity, an award-winning eCommerce video strategy house that specialises in increasing conversion rates for ecommerce sites through product reviews produced at scale. He is also the author of Welcome to the age of Emotion: How to attract and connect with customers using video.

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