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5 Reasons your small business needs a virtual phone system


Whether you’re starting a new business or hoping to grow an existing one, it can be daunting deciding how to spend your budget. What’s essential, and what should you class as a luxury? You probably have 101 items on your wish list. But there are a handful of resources that could make your life easier and set you on the path to business success.

A virtual business phone system is internet or cloud-based and often referred to as a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system. It means your all-important business number is not tied to any particular device. Calls can be transferred wherever you choose, be that to an iPhone, a computer or a traditional phone. Virtual business numbers provide a highly flexible, scalable, and cost-effective solution for any business. Here are our top five reasons why your small business needs a virtual business phone system.

1. Cut costs

Many people assume old school technology must be cheaper than more innovative systems. Not so. Virtual phone systems are often a much more cost-effective choice for small businesses than traditionally based carriers. This fact is especially true if you make a lot of international business calls, which can be pricey on traditional tariffs.

There’s also no need to invest in expensive hardware as your virtual phone system operates in the cloud and diverts calls to your existing devices. The VoIP provider bears the cost of purchasing, maintaining, and repairing or replacing any hardware required to make your system run effectively.

All of this means you cut costs and have more dollars to spend on growing your business.

2. Flexibility

Provided you have a cell phone or internet signal, you can access your virtual phone system from anywhere. There’s no need to tie yourself or your employees to an office because you can divert calls to any chosen device. It’s easy to route calls to your cellphone via an app or to forward voicemails to your email account. Virtual business numbers offer the ultimate flexibility.

This flexibility allows you to manage your business on the move and maintain open lines of communication with customers and prospects. Nothing will send customers running to your competitors quicker than repeatedly receiving voicemail or failing to make contact at all. If you’re out of the office but wish to remain available, divert calls to your cell.

A virtual number also allows you to make the most of freelancers and to offer your employees working conditions that will boost their productivity and company loyalty. Many people choose to work remotely from home or another location. A virtual phone system makes this an efficient way to work without seeing a dip in standards of customer service.

3. A fully scalable solution

Virtual business phone systems offer so much more than a phone number. There is an almost unlimited range of advanced features available to help you manage your business effectively. As your business grows, it’s easy to upgrade your phone service. You can include business management features such as call queuing, online faxing, and toll-free numbers. Most virtual number providers charge a monthly subscription fee, and changing your plan is quick and easy to do. Business is good, and you’ve added to your team? No problem — add new users to your plan. Are you keen to enhance customer experience? Why not add chat support?

A virtual phone system is not a one-off investment you’ll outgrow. It is flexible enough to grow with your business — a major advantage for startups and small concerns.

4. Boost your brand

Businesses that rely on traditional landlines are vulnerable to technical faults and natural disasters, which could lead to disruptions in service. A big storm could knock your phone line out for days, resulting in frustrated customers who cannot contact you to make purchases or seek support. This could cost your business thousands of dollars. Potentially more serious is the damage this can do to your brand.

Customers remain loyal to companies that provide a consistent service they can trust and rely on. A virtual phone system is in the cloud, so any technical faults with hardware will not result in a disruption in service. There are no traditional phone lines. So if there is an issue with one of your devices, re-route the call to another until the issue is fixed.  Your customers and prospects will have no idea there was any problem.

Likewise, if you choose to relocate your company, your virtual number will remain the same, and service can continue as normal. There are no customer concerns over change and a perceived lack of stability and so no lost custom.

5. Choose a number that works for you

Virtual number providers will allow you to choose a virtual business number for your business. There are many options to choose from, each with benefits. Vanity numbers are great for boosting brand awareness and increasing sales inquiries. These numbers may include a word, which emphasizes your business’ product or service, such as 877-CAKES. Toll-free numbers will cost your business more, but they increase the chances of a potential customer contacting you over a competitor who uses a fee-paying number. You might also choose a number that gives the impression your company has a presence in another state, to attract local business without the need to invest in a physical office.

Having the freedom to choose a number that helps you meet your business objectives is another great reason to switch to a virtual business phone system.

Starting up and running a small business is never easy, and choosing what to spend your budget on can be overwhelming. Setting up a virtual business phone system is a cost-effective investment that will reward you in the short and long term. It’s a great way to allow you the flexibility to manage your business effectively wherever you are. Most providers offer a rolling monthly plan. So it’s easy to start small and make changes as you figure out how to make a virtual number work best for you. It can also scale with you as your business grows. What are you waiting for?

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