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5 Small business marketing tips for business Growth


Do you ever feel stuck or unsure of what to do next when it comes to creating a buzz for your Business?

Below are 5 tips of how you can stand out and become noticed by potential customers and clients:

1. Consistently publish great content

Consistency is the key to building rapport with your audience. Most people know this, although not everyone follows through.

Consistently publishing high quality content makes a significant difference in expanding your reach and exposure. It also lessens the decision making process for the potential buyer, making it easier to convert into a sale or enquiry.

Answer the questions below to help with creating content:

  • Frequency you’re able to commit to
  • Topic(s) of interest for your audience
  • Where you will publish the content?
  • Can the content be repurposed?
  • How will you promote this content?

Over time you will definitely see an improvement in engagement and conversions. It’s a slow burner to start off with, although a strategy which is highly effective over time and also helps with SEO.

2. Create video content

Short videos are extremely beneficial in building rapport and engagement.

Understand the mindset of your audience, then address their questions or concerns via short videos.

Thinking of your business from the point of view of your audience is a great way to approach topics when it comes to creating content.

3. Reinvent previous content

If you’re short on time, reinvent an existing piece that has performed well in the past. I do this often and it serves well.

Another approach is to find a resource or study piece, then create your own article using this as a reference. This can be done through reiterating key information, adding images and providing your own insight. This format will take longer, so I tend to stick with repurposing previously high performing content. (Remember to reference if you use a resource)

4. Adding value

How can this best serve your business?

I never lead on price with any of my client’s businesses. Exploring Marketing options through value-adding can be a great incentive.

Perhaps you can look at a current initiative which you promote and see where you can add value to sweeten the deal. In some cases, a collaboration with another brand will be appealing for all parties involved.

An example would be promoting an intro offer to a gym, and for a limited time new members will receive a complimentary box of sugar-free muesli (you’d collaborate with that brand to help promote them, so it’s a win – win for everyone!)

Value-adding can be used in both acquisition and retention Marketing Strategies. Never forget to look after current and past customer and clients! 

5. Apply for business awards

Most Industries have Business Awards. If you apply, become nominated or win, have a think about how you can use this to elevate your brand. Whether it’s social media, newsletter placements or on your website, the the logo of the Award company can add instant credibility in the eyes of your potential and existing customers.

Very often my clients ask me for references when they apply for these awards to show they have had a Business Mentor along their journey.

The above are just a few Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners.

Remember that Marketing Strategies work well when your business proposition is clear and your product or service is packaged and priced correctly. Without these elements being correct, Marketing Strategies cannot be as effective as they should be.

Take the time to revisit your foundation before investing too much time and energy into strategies as it’s important that where you spend your time isn’t just making your busy. You must be earning or learning (ideally both!) whilst investing resource into promoting and growing your business.

About Alison Morgan'

Alison Morgan is a specialist Business Coach; helping Small Business Owners create successful strategies for Business Growth, Branding, Websites, Start Ups, plus more. Alison is the creator of the Australian Business Growth and Networking Events and the Mindfulbiz Podcast. In addition, Alison is a respected Industry Blogger, regularly reviewing and showcasing products and services.

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