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5 smart ways to improve your office


Let’s face it, no one likes going to work; especially if there is a high risk of injuring yourself physically, or damaging your mental health.  Most workplaces take necessary caution with workplace safety, but there are often things that can be overlooked, or that one wouldn’t even see as an issue. There are many strategies to improve the working conditions within your business. For example, with Work Active Manual Handling Training you can be properly taught how to keep your workplace a safe place for yourself and your workers. And this is just one of the.

Clean workplace

Not only is a clean workplace easy on the eyes, it’s also easy on the body.

Keeping the area clean before, after, and during use is the best way to avoid any falls or trips when walking through the area, not just for the workers there, but for you and anyone outside of the business who would be walking through.

Suitable equipment

If you’re using equipment that is old or out of date you could end up facing some big problems. Making sure your equipment and its maintenance are kept up to date could save you in the long run. If the maintenance of a product is not kept up to date, there could be issues with the tool that you or your employee is using at the time which could end up injuring or harming you and/or your workers. The same goes for any office furniture, keeping the furniture up to date can help with any spinal injuries or problems, or prevent some from arising.


As well as building a solid relationship with your workers and keeping the workplace a happy and stress free environment, communication between you and your employees can help with identifying any risks that the workplace may be facing. If an employee has an issue, but doesn’t feel comfortable approaching you with a problem, this can cause the issue to grow if left unaddressed.

It is also creates good vibes around the workplace if you have a business where everyone can openly communicate any concerns that they have, or even suggestions on how things could be made better. You never know what you could be overlooking, and sometimes an outsider’s opinion can really help.


Proper training is needed in any field of work, especially those in which you’re using tools that can harm you in any way. Make sure to always give your employees proper training and supervision until you are both comfortable and certain that they can perform the duties thoroughly and safely on their own.  If you send out an employee to do a job that they’re not fully certain they can do, or if they don’t know how to use the tools provided, they could end up injuring themselves or others around them which, in the end, will come back on you for their lack of training.

Mental health awareness

Work can be a really stressful place for some people, especially those who are facing an internal battle. Making sure your workplace is a mental health safe place can really help someone, even save a life. Offer counselling to anyone in need and always making sure that you and your employees are approachable and willing to help each other can really make a difference.

Work isn’t anybody’s favourite place to be, but it’s the small things that you can do which will make going to work a little bit easier, and will keep you and your employees safe.

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