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5 steps to get a new business going strong


Today, a woman has a lot more obligations than ever before. She needs to be a good mother, a housekeeper, a wife and if she is ambitious then she needs to move one step forward – to be a successful business women too.
Running your own business can be hard, especially if you are at the beginning…No one considers you seriously enough, you need to work double hard, stay late at night, and accept jobs that you wouldn’t accept if you have a lot of clients.

But there are some simple strategies that can keep you going through the tough times…

1. Contacts are important

Let’s say you’ve started a business, designed your new office, bought nice clothes to wear…and now what? The first thing that you would like to do is to tell everyone that you started your own company. Firstly share with friends and family. Also, contact your colleagues or bosses from previous jobs and let them know about it. In other words, you should share the news to whoever you know. And the news will start to expand.

2. Advertising for any budget

Next step is to share your news with people you don’t know, and the best way to do that is to advertise your business.No matter how big your budget is, there is always a way and place where you can advertise.
On your website, you can share your contact details, samples of your work, sell your products etc. Social accounts are still an important part of advertising… The best place for fast sharing stuff and raising a number of people that knows what you do.Guest posts are also a nice way to share your thoughts with other people.

3. Use the spur of competition

Sometimes having competition is good, because it makes us better, stronger and more dedicated to our work. No matter if you have competition or not, we always need to offer more and be innovative in our business. If you have big companies as your competition…yes, you have a problem, but one that can be resolved.
People often like to use bigger companies because they (mistakenly) believe that they are more professional, have a good reputation, everyone talks about them etc.Your way to beat them is to offer some free samples of your work or a product, just that people try it and that you are good too.

You can also tinker with the prices. At the beginning you can offer little prices, offer sales, promo products etc.If you get some of the competition’s clients, you are on a good start… just continue.

4. How to keep your clients

You’ve finally got some clients and business started to grow, and you’re happy and excited… Don’t stop now. You should never relax. One day you have 10 clients, the second day you have only one, but that’s business, right?
How you can keep your clients? Firstly, you need to be very professional, 100% dedicated to your client. Don’t accept too many clients if you can’t satisfy all of them at once. They will expect you to be always available and ready to resolve their problems.

If you did everything correctly regarding the work, but the client is still leaving, don’t hesitate to ask why … and ask if you can do something to make them change their decision. It’s important to know the answers, so you can then know where is the problem and maybe you can stop it to happen in the feature.

At the end, don’t forget the smile. Leave your problems at home and put a smile on your face when you’re at work. Yes, it’s hard, but you can do it!

5. Don’t forget to think about yourself

No matter if your business started well or not, don’t forget to think about yourself. Some things need time, and you can’t do anything about it. If the problems are here and we can’t resolve it, the stress will not help us — it can only stop us in our life and business.

So reduce the stress. Try to do things that make you happy. Go to walk, play with your children, take a coffee with your friends…. Forget the phone, emails, meetings….for at least few hours. You will feel better…believe me!

About Zorana Grozdanić

Zorana Grozdanić, for friends Zoka, is Assist4web company owner. She provides web design and virtual assisting services. She lives and work in Croatia, EU.She is a wife, a mother and sucessful business women, and she lives her dream! Follow her on FB, Instagram, or Visit

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