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5 tips for taking the perfect profile picture


Social media is changing lives and also changing business — there is no doubt about that. It is used to great effect for marketing a business. Some use it to generate great traffic to their websites, while others simply need it to highlight their brand.

In any case, one must ensure the intention and goal of using the platform is met. The truth is, using social media in such a manner is like email marketing. You only have a few seconds or no time at all to attract the attention of the other party. First impression matters a lot.

This is why one must be very careful when choosing the pictures to upload. It is even a more serious process when selecting the picture to display as the profile.

If you take a visit to for instance, you will discover the real importance of making a photo count. It is never about where you take the photo, or whether you have an expensive photographer and equipment, but how you make the best profile picture.

The following tips have been selected to help you pick the perfect face for your profile.

Let them see the smile

The best way to take a picture that attracts is to take with a smile. And we are not talking about a fake smile. It should come naturally. A mechanical smile will definitely ruin your photo.

The goal here is to make people who see the image comfortable. They have to feel like they are safe with you, and warm to you. The face talks a lot and the expression you put up gives people a clue into your personality. For this reason, you need to consider carefully how you show your face.

A smile is a sign of confidence as well. Someone will tell what is going on in your mind through your facial expression. If shows you are smart and understand what you are representing. It is not about you but about the face of your company. It is sign of friendship and professionalism.

It is hard for some people. Try this tip; put your tongue behind your upper teeth and let the smile come out.   Make sure to retouch the photo to ensure every part is clean and presentable.

Don’t show too much cleavage

Don’t be too overt with showing skin and your body, if you want to project a professional image. But that doesn’t mean you should look dowdy or mousy. Try a red dress or accessories, or a similar colour to ‘pop’ the photo.

A woman should look directly into the camera, it appears stronger that way. You can use an app like later to edit your pictures till perfect.

Take at the right time

Taking pictures when the sun is directly above the sky creates shadows in them. Consider the late afternoon when the sun is setting. The best result of all will be photos taken on a cloudy day when the light is soft and even. Create a profile picture with the best natural settings. Don’t try to set up a contrived scene.

Leave the flash out

The camera flash might not be ideal for taking great photos at this time. Just let nature sort you out with soft natural light from the sun.  If you need to use a flash to fill in shadows, aim the flash at the ceiling or a nearby white wall, so it ‘bounces’ … that way you don’t get hard flash light and shadow.

After all this is done, get an editing app to edit photos and remove any kind of blemish. These apps may come in handy, and even professional photographers use the tools.

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